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Below is our free plan which has feature parity with our paid plans including multi-server redundancy, encryption and dashboard access.

Forever free and our most popular plan
1,000 daily queries

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Once registered you'll be sent an API Key which can immediatly be used to make queries. You'll also gain access to our customer dashboard where you can manage your account and view your usage.

Click here to view all the features available to registered users (whether you're on a free or paid plan)

Below are our nine paid subscription plans. If you need more daily queries please contact us, we can create a custom plan for you. Purchase a yearly subscription and save 20% on all plans.

- or -
(save 20% paying yearly)

10,000 daily queries

- or -
(save 20% paying yearly)

20,000 daily queries

- or -
(save 20% paying yearly)

40,000 daily queries

- or -
(save 20% paying yearly)

80,000 daily queries

- or -
(save 20% paying yearly)

160,000 daily queries

- or -
(save 20% paying yearly)

320,000 daily queries

- or -
(save 20% paying yearly)

640,000 daily queries

- or -
(save 20% paying yearly)

1,280,000 daily queries

- or -
(save 20% paying yearly)

2,560,000 daily queries

Below are nine stand out features of that are available to both our free and paid customers.

Full Feature Parity
All of our features are available to free and paid customers without exception.

Accurate Detection
Our custom detection system is accurate and machine learning driven.

TLS Security
Our website and API offer fully encrypted connectivity, for all our customers.

Full Featured Dashboard
Our powerful and easy to use dashboard keeps you in control of your data.

Whitelist & Blacklist
Add addresses & ranges to be white or blacklisted by our API when answering your queries.

Exportable Detection Logs
All positive detections are viewable and exportable from your account dashboard.

No Hassle Subscriptions
You can purchase or cancel a subscription easily from your dashboard at any time.

Triple Server Redundancy
Our server cluster load balances and protects our services from downtime.

Free Support
All customers enjoy free support via Live Chat, Skype, iMessage and Email.

To make a purchase simply signup using your email address and click on the paid plans tab of your dashboard. We accept Credit and Debit cards of all varieties from over 150 countries, Stripe is our payment partner and they handle all of our transactions for us, it's immediate, secure and you don't need an account with Stripe to make payments to us, only your bank card is needed.

Once subscribed you will see a cancellation button within your dashboard where you can immediately cancel your subscription. There is no charge for cancelling and you will continue to receive your paid plan for the remainder of the time you already paid for.

If you need more daily queries than our biggest plan, please contact us, we can create a custom plan for you that meets your needs. If you wish to change your plan (to a larger or a smaller plan) we can do that for you, simply send us an email and we can change your subscription without charging you until your next billing cycle.

If you're working on an educational project or a non-profit project for humanity (Such as Tor, Support groups/forums etc) and would like a free key with a higher query amount please contact us using, we would be more than happy to provide you with a free subscription with however many daily queries you need.

*This is subject to review by and we retain full discretion on what constitutes a worthy cause.