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Below is our free plan which has feature parity with our paid plans including multi-server redundancy, encryption and dashboard access.

Forever free and our most popular plan
1,000 daily queries
3 custom rules
1 burst token
Email based support

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Once registered you'll be sent an API Key which can immediately be used to make queries. You'll also gain access to our customer dashboard where you can manage your account and view your usage.

Click here to view all the features available to registered users (whether you're on a free or paid plan)

Below are our subscription plans which are all instantly purchasable from within the customer dashboard. If you need more daily queries please contact us, we can create a custom plan for you. Pay yearly and only pay for 11 months instead of 12, a saving of 8.33%.

Starter Plans

billed monthly
10K daily queries
9 custom rules
3 burst tokens

billed monthly
20K daily queries
12 custom rules
3 burst tokens

billed monthly
40K daily queries
15 custom rules
3 burst tokens

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Pro Plans

billed monthly
80K daily queries
20 custom rules
5 burst tokens

billed monthly
160K daily queries
25 custom rules
5 burst tokens

billed monthly
320K daily queries
30 custom rules
5 burst tokens

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Business Plans

billed monthly
640K daily queries
40 custom rules
6 burst tokens

billed monthly
1.28M daily queries
50 custom rules
6 burst tokens

billed monthly
2.56M daily queries
60 custom rules
6 burst tokens

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Enterprise Plans

billed monthly
5.12M daily queries
75 custom rules
7 burst tokens

billed monthly
7.68M daily queries
90 custom rules
7 burst tokens

billed monthly
10.24M daily queries
105 custom rules
7 burst tokens

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Below are twelve stand out features of that are available to all our customers across all our plans including our free tier.

Detailed IP Information
Get ASN, Provider, Country, Proxy Type and Port Numbers for any IP Address.

Detailed Threat Reports
View anonymised attack history through our threat pages and your dashboard.

CORS Support
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing support for easy client-side implementations.

Multi Server Redundancy
Our server cluster load balances and protects our services from downtime.

Burst Tokens
Go 5x over your daily query allowance several times per month without worry.

Two-Factor Authentication
Secure your account using two-factor authentication with your mobile device.

Full Featured Dashboard
Our powerful and easy to use dashboard keeps you in control of your data.

White & Blacklists
Add IP's, Ranges or ASN's to be white or blacklisted when answering your queries.

Create Custom Rules
With unparalleled flexibility you can fully tailor how the API responds to your queries.

Exportable Detection Logs
All positive detections are viewable and exportable from your account dashboard.

No Hassle Subscriptions
You can purchase or cancel a subscription easily from your dashboard at any time.

Free Support
All customers enjoy free support via email, paid plans also receive live chat support.

Commonly Asked Questions

You can make 125 requests per second to each of our cluster nodes (we currently have eight). So if you're loading our cluster completely evenly for each of our geographic regions you can make 1,000 individual requests per second or 60,000 requests per minute. When performing a multi-check where you send multiple addresses to be checked in a single query that counts as only one request.

No, you can simply purchase one plan and then use your API Key for every website you own. This applies to both our free and paid plan account holders.

These are tokens that all registered users receive (quantity depending on your plan size) which when used allow your daily query allowance to increase by five times. So if you have a 10,000 daily query limit it will become 50,000 when a burst token is used.

The tokens are redeemed automatically when you go over your normal query allowance and act as a buffer for you to take action without having any of your queries to us denied during unusually high usage.

When a token is used it lasts until the next daily reset (12:00 AM UTC-07:00 Mountain Time). Each type of plan we offer has a set amount of available tokens every month and there is nothing for you to configure or activate, tokens are distributed and redeemed automatically.

To make a purchase simply signup using your email address and click on the paid options tab of your dashboard. We accept Credit and Debit cards of all varieties from over 150 countries, Stripe is our payment partner and they handle all of our transactions for us, it's immediate, secure and you don't need an account with Stripe to make payments to us, only your bank card is needed.

For monthly subscriptions we only accept Bank Cards (Debit, Credit etc) and Apple Pay. We make use of Stripe to process our payments due to their low processing fees and excellent support.

If you wish to use PayPal we do offer manual payments, please contact us to facilitate this. When paying with PayPal we only allow you to purchase 12 months of service (which includes our 8.33% discount). These PayPal payments are not automatically renewing subscriptions but are instead manually conducted one time payments that you can manually renew at the end of the 12 month period.

We do not currently offer any Cryptocoin options (such as Bitcoin). If this changes we will update this FAQ to reflect that.

Yes, you can even cancel your subscription immediately after starting a plan if you would prefer to pay for your plan manually each month.

Once subscribed you will see a cancellation button within your dashboard where you can immediately cancel your subscription. There is no charge for cancelling and you will continue to receive your paid plan for the remainder of the time you already paid for.

One month. To do that, subscribe to a paid plan and then immediately cancel it so that you're not billed again for a second month. You can pay each month by hand like this if you do not want us to bill you automatically.

Your account will remain on your paid subscription for several days as we attempt to re-bill you, each time you will receive an email stating an attempt was made to bill you and that it failed. If after a few retries you have not remedied the payment problem your account will move over to our free tier. You will not be penalised in any way for non-payment.

When subscribed you can update your card details from within your dashboard under the paid options tab. If you're not currently subscribed to a paid plan you can start a new subscription and enter your new payment information at that point.

After signing up you will be sent an API Key which you include with all your queries made to us. We then record each query to your account which is viewable to you within your dashboard as both raw exportable data and graphs. You can also monitor your usage through our account usage JSON API which is documented on our API page under the dashboard API tab.

If you need more daily queries than our biggest plan, please contact us, we can create a custom plan for you that meets your needs. If you wish to change your plan (to a larger or a smaller plan) we can do that for you, simply send us an email and we can change your subscription and prorate the difference in price.

If you're working on an important project that has broad social importance (like Tor or Wikipedia for instance) and would like a free key with a high query allowance please contact us using [email protected], we consider each and every request we receive carefully.

*This is subject to review by and we retain full discretion on what constitutes a worthy cause.

Last update: 11th of October 2021
11th of October 2021
Altered the discount percentage shown from 8.44% to 8.33% when purchasing a yearly plan - The previous amount was an error and it was always an 8.33% discount when purchasing a year up front.
8th of October 2021
Descriptions of the support level offered were altered to make it clear free accounts only receive email based support while paid accounts receive live chat support in addition to email based support.
26th of September 2021
Subtle dropshadows were added to low-contrast white text on the page to make things easier to read.
13th of September 2021
The wording surrounding PayPal payments was updated to remove references to 6 month plan times. We now only allow for 12 months of time to be purchased via PayPal one-time payments.
5th of May 2021
The volume of custom rules were increased for all paid plans. Starter plans now start with 9 rules instead of 6 and increment in 3. Pro increment by 5, Business increment by 10 and Enterprise increment by 15.
20th of January 2021
The service feature squares were updated to replace the TLS Security feature square with a Burst Tokens square.
16th of January 2021
Some wording within the FAQ section was improved without changing the meaning of the answers.
17th of November 2020
Updated the page to add references to the new burst token feature including in subscription panes and the FAQ section.
15th of November 2020
Updated the subscription panes to include icons at the top for a nicer appearance.
3rd of November 2020
Updated the cluster per-second request limits within the FAQ section as we've added a new cluster node that increased the overall limit by 20%.
8th of February 2020
The service features section was updated to include a new feature, Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. This feature enables easy client-side implementations of the API for those who can't use a server-side implementation.
1st of February 2020
The FAQ was updated to increase the per-second request limit numbers as we have increased cluster capacity by 25% today.
3rd of January 2020
Pricing of starter plans increased. $1.99 is now $2.99 and $3.49 is now $3.99. No other pricing changes were made.
31st of July 2019
Updated the feature icons to a new dual-tone style. Expanded the payment options section of the FAQ to detail that we now accept Apple Pay.
18th of July 2019
Updated the plan information to show how many custom rules from within the customer dashboard each plan can enable. Updated the service feature boxes to include the new Custom Rules feature.