terms / proxycheck.io

By querying our API you agree to the following terms
  1. You will not attempt to harm our servers or cause harm to our network access.
  2. You will not attempt to circumvent our free plan limits by making multiple accounts.
  3. You will not signup using temporary or disposable email addresses.
  4. You will not use fraudulent payment information when purchasing a paid subscription.
  5. You will not operate as a proxy to our service providing queries through the API Key we may have provided you.
    • If you need to do this please send us a support email and we will evaluate your request.
    • Please note we welcome you to make 3rd party software that integrates our API, read this blog post for more information.
  6. You will not share your API Key with anyone who isn't part of your organisation.
  7. You will not resell queries to our API without prior approval from us.