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Terms of Service Agreement

When you perform a query to any of our API endpoints or signup for our service with your email address you are automatically agreeing to all the terms set out on this page. If you do not agree with the terms you should immediately stop querying our API and if you've already registered for an account you should stop using it.

You will not attempt to harm our service in any way

This could mean hacking attempts, brute force login attempts, credential stuffing, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and so forth.

However there are exceptions, if you're testing our security with an aim to disclose what you find to us and not for malicious exploitation then you're welcome to do so. We're receptive to all security reports and you will not be penalised in any way for disclosing vulnerabilities.

You will not circumvent our free plan limits by creating multiple accounts

If you're found creating more than one free account you will lose access to every account you create. Each customer is allowed one free account in addition to any paid accounts they have. Do not make multiple free accounts for different websites you own, they can all be managed from a single account. There are no limits to how many paid accounts you may have.

You will not signup for service using temporary or disposable email addresses

Using disposable email addresses makes it impossible for us to contact you if we need to and it also jeopardises the security of your account as disposable addresses are often shared amongst multiple users of the websites which provide them.

You may want to look at our privacy policy which goes into detail about how we handle your email address.

You will keep your email address up to date

Sometimes customers change email providers, have their email accounts terminated or lose the domain name associated with their email address. It is up to you to keep your email address up to date with us at all times as if we can't contact you when it's needed we may have to close your account..

You may want to look at our privacy policy which goes into detail about how we handle your email address.

You will not use fraudulent payment information when purchasing a paid subscription

Payment fraud costs merchants like ourselves billions of dollars a year in lost revenue and bank fees. We take a hard stance on this, all suspicious payments are refunded and in all instances of confirmed payment fraud your account will be terminated.

You may want to look at our GDPR compliance page which goes into detail about how we securely store your payment information.

You will not make available our data through your own service

This means quite simply you cannot setup a website or service which provides access to our API data to third parties. When you query our API the data is for your use only meaning to be directly acted upon by you or entities you own. It's not meant for you to re-sell or provide to third parties.

We do make exceptions to this term on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to do this you must contact us and make a clear and concise request with sound reasoning as to why you want to do this.

Please note this term doesn't apply to the development of third party software that integrates our API directly. We welcome the development of applications, libraries, classes, plugins, addons & widgets which utilise our API so long as they query our API directly and provide a way for their users to enter an API Key from us.

You will not share your API Key with anyone outside of your organisation

This applies to your private API Key found within the customer dashboard. Any API Keys we find which are being shared either semi-privately or publicly will be deactivated. Sharing accounts is a big security issue for any site or service you protect with our API due to the power of the Custom Rules feature.

Last update: 17th of August 2020
17th of August 2020
A new section detailing that customers must keep their email address up to date was added.
16th of June 2020
The terms of service page was completely rewritten. All the previous terms remain but were expanded on with improved descriptions.