api documentation / proxycheck.io

Last update: 31st of August 2022
31st of August 2022
Added references to timezones which were added to the API output and also to custom rules for use in conditions and as variables.
12th of August 2022
Added references to the new Dashboard API per-second request limits (2 per second / 20 per 10 seconds) to the Dashboard API tab.
13th of June 2022
Added a new query flag &short=1 which compresses the API result by removing one array depth from the result, this makes the API easier to parse in some languages. Updated the query flags section of the API documentation to enable a new VPN flag mode, &vpn=3 which displays both proxy and vpn results side-by-side instead of overwriting the VPN check result with a Proxy result.
1st of June 2022
Updated the query flags section of the API documentation to show support for &vpn=2 which allows you to disable proxy checks and only perform VPN checking.
29th of May 2022
Added a new Custom Lists sectioin to the Dashboard API tab. Removed the Whitelist/Blacklist documentation from the Dashboard API tab.
15th of February 2022
Multiple parts of the API documentation were updated to add information about disposable email checking which is a new feature of the API.
21st of January 2022
The text explaining how only one rule can execute within the custom rules feature was updated to explain that there is now a toggle to allow continued executed even after a rule is run.
3rd of December 2021
Updated the test console to use categories for the dropdown options and added operator data under a new VPN selection. Updated the Custom Variables section of the custom rules tab to include our new %OPERATOR_NAME% variable.
10th of November 2021
The page theme was updated to our new Glass theme for both light and dark modes.
25th of October 2021
Improved the appearance of data tables throughout the API documentation.
3rd of September 2021
Improved the API documentations readability when viewed using our dark theme. Updated the Account Usage Exporting dashboard API output example with burst token availability and allowance responses.
20th of August 2021
Updated the code libraries section as the Java library by DefianceCoding has received a major release which now supports our Dashboard API
1st of August 2021
The documentation now remembers which tab you last interacted with and shows it by default on a repeat visit. Corrected some poorly worded sentences within the Custom Rules documentation to make them easier to understand.
14th of May 2021
Updated the Custom Rule Limits section to show the new higher limits accounts now have. Removed the inf query flag from the API documentation as it has been depreciated, all queries now use inference with no way to disable it.
24th of April 2021
Added a new section to the Custom Rules tab which details the existence of the rule library found within the customer dashboard. Updated the Query Flags section to add documentation for the ver flag which allows you to override the version in use for your API request on a per-request basis.