api documentation / proxycheck.io

Last Update: 24th of August 2019
24th of August 2019
Added a new section to the Dashboard API tab detailing our new tag dashboard API that lets you get detailed data about your tag use including detection types and addressess associated with your tags.
20th of August 2019
Added a new library for Node.js written by PLASMAchicken. Has full support for our v2 API and our Dashboard API's
4th of August 2019
Added a new Custom Variables section to the Custom Rules tab which shows users how to use variables inside their output modifiers custom value boxes.
27th of July 2019
Added a new tab which documents how to use our Custom Rules feature present within the customer dashboard.
23rd of June 2019
Updated the new Attack History documentation within the Risk Score section to make clear the attack history shown adheres to the &days= flag you specify with your request.
19th of June 2019
Added new Attack History documentation to the Risk Score sections, added attack history support to the test console.
1st of June 2019
Added a table to the Service Limits section to explain how our CDN caches queries for different account types.
24th of May 2019
  • Per second request limiter resolution increased from 1 second to 10 seconds. Documentation was updated to reflect this change.
  • CDN Edge caching was enabled, your queries are now cached for 10 seconds at the edge (unique, per-customer caching, uses entire request url as cache salt)
  • 18th of May 2019
    Updated the Code Libraries section to indicate that the PHP Library authored by proxycheck.io now has full dashboard API support, previously it only had partial support.
    24th of April 2019
    Completely redesigned the API Documentation, now includes a movable side navigation menu, rewritten most documentation, a brand new test console and removal of v1 API documentation.
    19th of April 2019
    The v2 API documentation was updated to include two new status codes for request limits. We now have a soft per-second request limit of 100 and a hard limit of 125.

    Updated the &days= flag to show it now supports float values, you can for example supply &days=0.01 to check our data from only within the past 24 minutes.
    6th of March 2019
    Updated the v2 documentation to include our new risk flag which provides you with a risk assessment score between 0 and 100 when checking an IP Address against the API.
    19th of February 2019
    Added new documentation for the pagination feature which has been added to the JSON export feature of the positive detection log wishin customer dashboards.
    12th of February 2019
    Added new type responses for ShadowSocks and OpenVPN servers.
    20th of December 2018
    Altered the API Call text for the v2 API to make it more clear that multiple addresses can be checked within a single request using a POST method.