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Ways to contact us

You can quickly send us an email using the form below. We will reply to the email address you specify.

Topics you can contact us about

If you need any support with our services (even if you're on our free tier) please choose from the contact options above, we can help you with anything feature or account related.

If you believe your IP Address has ended up in our data erroneously please let us know, we'll be more than happy to verify the IP Address is safe and purge it from our data.

We're happy to answer any questions you have including the creation of custom plans to meet your specific needs.

Last update: 24th of August 2023
24th of August 2023
Altered the contact options to remove webchat and imessage due to support volumes being too high, email is now the preferred support method.
29th of June 2023
Corrected an issue where the 'Make a crypto payment' option failed to work in our webform.
28th of April 2023
Added hCaptcha to the page which is served only to unregistered users to cut down on spam messages sent through the contact form. Improved the dark theme on the contact page, specifically the result messages that appear after submitting a message through the contact form.
21st of September 2022
When reporting incorrect data to us there is now a slide out information card which explains why the address the visitor is using may have a specific determination attached to it.
12th of September 2022
Added the option to make a crypto payment request from the reason dropdown selector.
10th of November 2021
The page theme was updated to our new Glass theme for both light and dark modes.
6th of November 2021
Improved the darkmode for the contact webform. Added more information to be sent with the webform to assist customers faster.
10th of April 2021
If you're logged into the customer dashboard your email address will be automatically populated in the contact form for you.
4th of February 2021
Added a new contact dropdown, "request a feature" to make it clearer that we welcome feature requests. Altered the anti-proxy protection on the web form to allow addresses detected as proxies to submit a bad IP request.
28th of March 2019
Updated the page with a new contact form, making it faster to get support.
21st of November 2017
This page has been rewritten with clear support buttons and live availability indicators.