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Address Country Proxy Type Network ThailandHTTPAS45758 Triple T Internet/Triple T Broadband IndiaHTTPAS133469 Multinet (Udaipur) Private Limited KazakhstanHTTPAS9198 JSC Kazakhtelecom IndonesiaHTTPAS7713 PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia BrazilSOCKS4AS18881 TELEFÔNICA BRASIL S.A ArgentinaSOCKS4AS7303 Telecom Argentina S.A. ColombiaSOCKS4AS27951 Media Commerce Partners S.A ItalyHTTPSAS205051 Connetta Srl IndonesiaHTTPSAS17658 PT. Khasanah Timur Indonesia YemenHTTPAS30873 Public Telecommunication Corporation

Last Update: 3rd of February 2019
3rd of February 2019
Updated the threats display to use the same alternating background colours as the rest of our site tables.
2nd of February 2019
Updated the threats page to display attack history of IP Addresses. This feature is currently in beta and only a subset of attack data is currently displayed.
23rd of January 2019
Improved the load time of the threats homepage.
25th of November 2018
Launched a new threats home page which includes recent and emerging attacks we've detected.
24th of November 2018
Added support for City, Langitude and Longitude to the data shown.
13th of November 2018
Implemented a workaround for Mozilla (and possibly Chrome and Safari) page pre-fetching which could incur queries for users browsing their positive detection log within the dashboard which links to the threats page.
9th of November 2018
Fixed an issue where the country row would load empty if locating the origin of an IP Address failed.
21st of August 2018
Initial version of our new threats page with detailed IP information and searching.