api documentation / proxycheck.io

Last Update: 17th of November 2020
17th of November 2020
  • Updated the API documentation to add references to the Burst Token feature within the Service Limits section.
  • Updated the Status Codes section to include new responses you may encounter as a result of Burst Tokens being used.
  • 10th of November 2020
    Added a python wrapper written by WardPearce which has full v2 API support.
    3rd of November 2020
    Updated the cluster per-second request limits within the Service Limits section as we've added a new cluster node that increased the overall limit by 20%.
    14th of October 2020
    Updated the Querying the API section to include detailed information about how to perform client-side API requests.
    17th of August 2020
    The test console was updated to include "Residential" and "Business" as new clean type responses.
    3rd of August 2020
    Added a new type "Business" which joins the new Residential, Wireless and Hosting types.
    1st of August 2020
    Updated the types section to include new responses we are testing internally those include Residential, Wireless and Hosting type responses.
    20th of June 2020
    Added support for showing users how many Custom Rules they have access to on the Custom Rules tab if they're logged into an account. It also displays any extra rules they've gained for properly securing their account with a password and two-factor authentication.
    23rd of April 2020
    Added documentation for the new Region and Region Code information now exposed by the v2 API when providing the &asn=1 flag with your queries.
    2nd of March 2020
    The section regarding CDN Caching was updated to include information about our new Adaptive Caching feature.
    1st of February 2020
    Documentation updated to show new cluster request limits as we've increased cluster capacity by 25% today.
    22nd of December 2019
    Updated all of our API documentation to support the availability of our continent location data.
    27th of November 2019
    Updated the Custom Rules documentation to include new screenshots and instructions on how to use our condition groups feature.
    24th of August 2019
    Added a new section to the Dashboard API tab detailing our new tag dashboard API that lets you get detailed data about your tag use including detection types and addressess associated with your tags.
    20th of August 2019
    Added a new library for Node.js written by PLASMAchicken. Has full support for our v2 API and our Dashboard API's