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Last update: 17th of September 2022
17th of September 2022
Added the ability to choose when your previous API key is revoked when generating a new API key, allowing for uninterrupted service availability during key changes. Altered the generate a new API key and close account buttons to have improved confirmation controls which will make it harder to perform unintended account actions. The dashboard usage API endpoint now shows if a burst token is currently active or not.
12th of September 2022
Added a new way to pay for service using many varieties of Cryptocoin, the new tab is available under Paid Options. Remade the PayPal payment tab to make it easier to read at a glance with labelled sub-sections.
9th of September 2022
Added a new sign out section to the bottom left of the dashboard which lets you sign out of your account on all your currently signed in computers/browsers in addition to the one you're currently using.

The sign out everywhere button will only appear if you're signed in on multiple devices/browsers.
Improved the readability of the set-password prompt on our dark mode website theme. Updated the icons used on the dashboard and throughout the site to the latest FontAwesome Pro icon set. Improved the security of login sessions by reducing their expiry time from 1-year to 6-months. Session tokens now expire server-side (after 6 months) in addition to client-side and every new login generates a unique session token. When manually signing out of your account the token associated with your session is now erased server-side and not just client-side. Improved the initial loading time of the dashboard and the loading speed of the positive detection log when paging through entries.
4th of September 2022
Corrected a Dashboard email change bug that would allow for multiple accounts to have the same email address.
3rd of September 2022
Corrected a Dashboard caching issue that allowed the browser to store a cached version of the page even after logging out.
31st of August 2022
Added support for Time Zones to the API. The custom rule feature has also been updated to support the use of Time Zones in conditions.
11th of August 2022
Added API request limits to the dashboard API's, 1 to 2 requests per second are enforced for users who regularly make a lot of requests per minute. Improved the reliability of the daily query usage display at the top of the dashboard.
9th of August 2022
Corrected an issue where some customers may have their daily query usage statistics cease to update.
21st of July 2022
Corrected an XSS vulnerability with the global back button across the majority of our webpages.
9th of July 2022
Added confirmation buttons to all plan alteration boxes so that unintended upgrades or downgrades are less likely to occur.
17th of June 2022
Corrected an issue with the legacy blacklist/whitelist API, when adding entries the default type of the list would be set to Custom instead of Whitelisted or Blacklisted.
7th of June 2022
Added number formatting to the plan type shown in the top stat bar to better showcase larger customers data without breaking the page layout. Slightly brightened up the white glass theme used across the site so it looks less grey.
28th of May 2022
Improved the reliability of password managers to locate the correct login fields for the dashboard.
25th of May 2022
Corrected an issue where whitelisted or blacklisted singular addresses would not be acted upon by the API. Added a new Custom Lists tab which enables you to create blacklists, whitelists and other kinds of custom lists for later rule use. Added support for specifying custom lists by name within the Custom Rules feature. Removed the individual Whitelist and Blacklist tabs and in their place is the new Custom Lists tab.
22nd of May 2022
Altered the wording on the custom rules tab which explains how many additional rules become available when upgrading your plan to the next tier.