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Last update: 28th of January 2023
28th of January 2023
Corrected a CORS API issue where if you only ever added CORS domains to your account via API they wouldn't be linked to your account.
26th of January 2023
Added the Zepto Javascript library to the CORS tab within the Javascript Examples section, this library offers the same features as JQuery but at one third the size.
14th of January 2023
Added support for BETA versions of the API to the API version selector found within the settings tab, when you select a BETA version you will be transitioned to the stable version once released. Fixed an issue where using an older version of the API could make a notification display below the API version selector which omitted the name of the latest API version.
5th of January 2023
Altered the PayPal and Cryptocoin payment tabs to show that we now support lower than 12 month terms when purchasing Pro, Business or Enterprise plans.
3rd of January 2023
Corrected an issue where the positive detection log would not show blacklisted entries.
2nd of January 2023
Corrected an issue where some accounts that were subscribed to a plan wouldn't be able to interact with the Dashboard due to a regression introduced earlier in the day.
14th of December 2022
Altered the behaviour of sending the user their API key via email for both signing up for service and when changing keys for enhanced security.
9th of November 2022
Corrected an issue where users wouldn't receive daily query overage notices if a burst token was active.
3rd of November 2022
Added a usage bar below the queries today menu item to make it easier for users to visualise their daily usage as a percentage. Altered the queries today and queries total counts to round to the nearest thousand, million, billion. This will greatly assist customers with very large query usage. Corrected the behaviour of the pre-load population of total queries display which would show 1 instead of the real total queries due to a formatting problem.
1st of November 2022
Added colored borders to control panes within the CORS, Custom Rules and Custom List tabs when using our light theme for added contrast.
27th of October 2022
Corrected an issue where your dark/light theme preference would be forgotten after your session expired on Gecko derived browsers (Firefox etc) Fixed an issue with custom lists where by certain characters would display incorrectly due to a character encoding issue.
17th of October 2022
Added support for postcodes to the API, as a result the Custom Rules feature was updated to allow for Postcode use as an API provided value in conditions and as output variables.
11th of October 2022
Corrected a datalist issue that could allow for mismatched custom list suggestions within the custom rule value boxes.
17th of September 2022
Added the ability to choose when your previous API key is revoked when generating a new API key, allowing for uninterrupted service availability during key changes. Altered the generate a new API key and close account buttons to have improved confirmation controls which will make it harder to perform unintended account actions. The dashboard usage API endpoint now shows if a burst token is currently active or not.
12th of September 2022
Added a new way to pay for service using many varieties of Cryptocoin, the new tab is available under Paid Options. Remade the PayPal payment tab to make it easier to read at a glance with labelled sub-sections.