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Last update: 23rd of August 2023
23rd of August 2023
Corrected an issue where AS numbers and provider names for some IP addresses could be omitted when checking via our API, threat, dashboard or web interface pages.
16th of August 2023
The query usage chart found at the bottom of the stats tab now supports viewing the past 90 days of usage instead of only 30 days and more resolution options were added to the increment dropdown.
26th of June 2023
Altered the user interface on both the custom rules and custom lists tabs to unify the control button layout appearances.
21st of June 2023
Added a new filter field to both the Custom Rules and Custom Lists tabs which allow you to search for specific entries by either name or content. Added a new toggle to the Custom Rules and Custom Lists tabs which allows you to hide disabled rules/lists. Added a new button to the top of your Custom Rules & Lists which enables you to add entries to the top of your stack.
11th of June 2023
Corrected an issue where it was possible to upgrade or downgrade your plan to reset the burst tokens you've already consumed this month.
8th of June 2023
Custom plans for customers will now appear in the Dashboard and can be purchased, upgraded to and downgraded from like any other plan.
6th of June 2023
Vastly improved the accuracy and quantity of location data for addresses across all v2 API versions.
28th of May 2023
Improved the loading speed of the Dashboard through the use of server-side JIT compilation. Improved the clarity of the QR code that is generated by the Dashboard thus making it easier for phone cameras to detect it on the page. Corrected an issue where customers would not receive immediate query exhaustion emails even if they had enabled that option from the settings tab.
14th of May 2023
Today continent codes (isocode representation of continents) were added to the API. As a result the custom rules feature was updated to support this new data provider in conditions.
10th of May 2023
Corrected an issue where pasting address ranges into a custom list could cause erroneous line breaks to propergate into the range entry server-side and cause an IP to not be blocked or whitelisted when checked against the API.
4th of May 2023
Improved the responsiveness of paging through your positive detection log through the use of an improved node-to-node communication system.
2nd of May 2023
Corrected a minor display issue with the next gen usage graph for new accounts that haven't yet generated any chartable traffic.
11th of April 2023
Corrected an issue where the Custom Rule Library would fail to load.
10th of April 2023
Improved the reliability of the QPS display while simultaneously reducing its performance impact and data payload size.
7th of April 2023
Added Country and Continent suggestions to the condition value input fields within the Custom Rules feature. Improved the apperance and instruction of the Custom List suggestions that appear in the Custom Rules condition value input fields. Corrected an issue where Custom Lists would not be suggested for condition values in Custom Rules.