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Last update: 16th of February 2024
16th of February 2024
Added dividers to the Custom Rules feature allowing for visual seperation between unrelated rules.
15th of February 2024
Added support for IPv4 and IPv6 CIDR ranges to be utilised by Custom Rules directly without the need for them to be loaded from a Custom List. Corrected an issue where IPv6 CIDR ranges loaded from a Custom List by a Custom Rule were not adhered to.
31st of January 2024
Switched country information for IP addresses presented in the dashboard from utilising Maxmind country data to our own data.
25th of January 2024
Corrected an issue where if you have a custom rule that has multiple conditions that reference one or more custom lists any condition after the first one would fail to retrieve the content of the custom list referenced.
2nd of January 2024
Corrected an issue where if you have more than one custom list and try to reference any list but the first one in a rule for IP address pickup it may fail to collect the addresses from the list.
17th of December 2023
Corrected an issue where design rules for small screened devices were not being adhered to properly.
12th of December 2023
Corrected an issue where some icons wouldn't load due to a change in web standards introduced with the latest browser releases.
29th of November 2023
Altered the account recovery token system to be more resilient against mail clients and providers which may automatically access the one-time token link before the user does.
27th of November 2023
Added operator names to the positive detection log so you can now see the exact VPN operator in the log directly.
25th of November 2023
Corrected an issue where if you had an untriggered rule beneath a triggered rule which had continued execution enabled the check being performed may not adhere to the executed custom rule.
23rd of August 2023
Corrected an issue where AS numbers and provider names for some IP addresses could be omitted when checking via our API, threat, dashboard or web interface pages.
16th of August 2023
The query usage chart found at the bottom of the stats tab now supports viewing the past 90 days of usage instead of only 30 days and more resolution options were added to the increment dropdown.
26th of June 2023
Altered the user interface on both the custom rules and custom lists tabs to unify the control button layout appearances.
21st of June 2023
Added a new filter field to both the Custom Rules and Custom Lists tabs which allow you to search for specific entries by either name or content. Added a new toggle to the Custom Rules and Custom Lists tabs which allows you to hide disabled rules/lists. Added a new button to the top of your Custom Rules & Lists which enables you to add entries to the top of your stack.
11th of June 2023
Corrected an issue where it was possible to upgrade or downgrade your plan to reset the burst tokens you've already consumed this month.