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General Information

Below you can paste in one or more IP's to be tested against the proxycheck.io API. The limit is 1,000 IP's or 90 seconds processing time (whichever comes first), each IP must be seperated in some way but miscellaneous text around the IP's will not matter. Using your API key is optional, without one you will be limited to 100 free IP checks per day.

If you're logged into our dashboard your API Key will be supplied below automatically. All queries made into the web interface accure against your API Key the same way that API queries do.

Enable VPN Checks Enable Real-Time Inference Engine

Last Update: 7th of Feb 2018.7th of February 2018: Added a new input field for tagging your queries made through the web interface.

6th of February 2018: Further enhanced the result apperance by adding multiple columns.

5th of February 2018: Redesigned the result appearance so it's easier to view very large query results.

1st of January 2018: The backend of the Web Interface was rewritten to use the new v2 API, the result is dramatically faster multi-ip checking.

28th of November 2017: A bug was fixed where some types of proxy detections wouldn't be displayed in the proxy result column although they would be removed from the undetected column.

11th of April 2017: IP Input box updated to support the detection of IP's (IPv4 and IPv6) within a larger body of text negating the need for users to filter anything themselves before submitting.