dashboard / proxycheck.io

The dashboard allows you to make changes to your account including the purchase of a paid plan, the generation of new API keys, setting up whitelist/blacklists and viewing detailed statistics about your usage of the API. All features in the dashboard are free to use for all users, paid plans only increase daily query allowances.

Account Recovery

You can recover both your API Key and Password using the Account Recovery feature.

Last updated: 21st of August 2017.21st of August 2017: The stats tab now allows you to view your daily queries per day, download your daily query amounts and it supports JSON Exporting. The reoccurring payment display now shows how much you will be billed above the next billing date. The plan cancellation text was made more descriptive to remove any ambiguity.

17th of August 2017: Added a confirmation button to the subscription cancellation screen so accidental cancellations don't occur.

11th of August 2017: The account recovery system has been re-written, it now gives you access to your account via an emailed link instead of resetting credentials.

19th of July 2017: Added a confirmation button to the API Key Generator so accidental changes don't occur. Added a JSON view to the recent detection feature on the Stats tab.

11th of July 2017: Fixed various dashboard bugs including the setting/changing of a password or changing of an API Key logging you out of your account and no email being sent when a password or API Key is changed. We also added an account recovery button to the dashboard login screen and a logout button to the bottom left of the dashboard.