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Last Update: 20th of July 2018
20th of July 2018
Fixed a bug where deactivating the external dashboard API would make the whitelist/blacklist counter return an error message.
12th of June 2018
Fixed a bug where the default text descriptions next to the "API Settings" toggles were always set to "Enabled".
9th of June 2018
Improved Recent Detection and Country map load times (both under the stats tab and by API call) for users with very large positive detection logs.
7th of June 2018
Altered the "last update" feature you're currently viewing to be scrollable so that it can display more updates.
5th of June 2018
Fixed a Whitelist/Blacklist dashboard API issue that could cause database consistency issues when performing rapid changes.
4th of June 2018
Added an action result indicator to the bottom of your browser window for common dashboard tasks.
2nd of June 2018
Added toggle options for deactivating the API and disabling external dashboard access by your API Key.
28th of May 2018
Added a copy api key to clipboard button.
27th of May 2018
Added a new email preference to receive near-instant notices when going over your query allowances. Altered the detailed hover explanations for each email preference. Corrected an issue that caused a few users to receive overage notices after going over their query allowance for 4 days in a row instead of 5.
20th of May 2018
Added a blue question mark next to "Queries Today" which when highlited shows how long until the next day begins. Fixed another bug that could cause some users recent detection log and JSON exporting features to stop working.
5th of May 2018
Fixed a bug where some users recent detection log and country display would fail to load, fixed the same bug in the JSON export API. Added "blacklist" as a positive detection type in the recent detection log.
18th of April 2018
The whitelist and blacklist features now display how many unique items were lifted from their input fields with auto-refreshing displays when pressing the save buttons.
6th of April 2018
When receiving an account alteration alert email we now include the requesting IP Address that made the alteration for added security.
5th of April 2018
Optional Two-Factor Authentication has been added to the dashboard.
2nd of April 2018
Drastically improved the speed of country lookups for the recent detection log and JSON exporting.
26th of March 2018
Improved recent detection log, all entries now appear in correct chronological order.
22nd of March 2018
Added a new positive detection map to the stats tab
21st of March 2018
The Recent Detections view on the Stats menu now shows the country of positive detections. The JSON Exporter also now exposes country information.
18th of March 2018
Added the ability for subscribers to update their billing information on the paid options tab.
15th of March 2018
Added a notice to the dashboard if you're still using the v1 API for recent queries.
1st of January 2018
New fraud prevention system introduced to paid plans tab.
18th of December 2017
A new graph to visualise your queries was added to the stats tab.
25th of November 2017
The login page has been remade with a new registration split view.
21st of November 2017
The support tab has been rewritten with clear support buttons and live availability indicators.
12th of November 2017
The Dashboard has been made more responsive on initial loading and we've altered the way stat downloads are triggered so they don't produce a new tab in your browser.
11th of October 2017
The Blacklist and Whitelist features now support ASN numbers alongside IP Addresses and IP Ranges.