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Last Update: 18th of January 2021
18th of January 2021
  • Corrected an issue that could stop you reliably removing a CORS domain from within the dashboard interface.
  • Corrected an issue that could stop one or more nodes synchronising customer data with each other under specific and rare scenarios.
  • 12th of December 2020
  • Added wildcard support to the CORS feature enabling a single entry to cover both the top level domain and all sub-domains.
  • Added CORS API endpoint for viewing and manipulating your origins remotely. View full documentation here
  • 11th of December 2020
  • Improved the CORS import/export feature to disregard extraneous information along with backend storage improvements for faster CORS loading both by the API and Dashboard.
  • Corrected a cross-site origin header issue on both the usage and queries export API endpoints
  • 17th of November 2020
    Added support for burst tokens to the dashboard allowing customers to gain a safety net for unusually high bursts of activity several times per month.
    3rd of November 2020
    Updated the Stripe implementation throughout the Dashboard to the latest version.
    24th of October 2020
    Altered the monthly stat charts to load dynamically for a faster initial loading time of the dashboard.
    12th of October 2020
    Slightly altered the badges that appear throughout the dashboard to use our updated design guidelines.
    10th of October 2020
    Added support for commenting out entries in your Whitelist/Blacklist by prepending a line with a hash (#). If you've already done this you will need to re-save your whitelist/blacklist to have it take effect.
    3rd of October 2020
    Improved the QR Code generator for the Two-Factor Authentication feature to be faster to load and more reliable.
    28th of September 2020
    Slightly cleaned up the Custom Rules tab by consolidating three alert boxes into one unified alert.
    17th of September 2020
    Corrected a regression in the Dashboard that caused the CORS feature to not allow adjustments (additions or removals of domains).
    15th of September 2020
    Fixed an issue where updating your payment information wouldn't update it on your currently held subscription if an invoice had already been issued.
    30th of August 2020
    Fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the display of the most active tag stats.
    29th of August 2020
    Added notifications to the dashboard for when we need to inform customers of something important such as when their email address stops accepting our mail.
    28th of August 2020
    Altered the message that appears when an account has been disabled for a terms of service violation to match our new design guidelines.