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Last update: 22nd of January 2022
22nd of January 2022
Improved both the light and dark versions of our glass theme especially for background colors and drop shadows.
21st of January 2022
Added a new toggle to custom rules which allows for rules to continue processing even after a rule has been triggered.
19th of January 2022
Added support for customers to upgrade or downgrade their plans from within the dashboard. Added a credit balance display for customers who have downgraded their plans and received back a credit towards future invoices.
18th of January 2022
Corrected an issue where the Two-Factor QR code found within the settings tab would sometimes fail to load.
7th of January 2022
Corrected an issue where an undetected/clean address wouldn't show a risk score in an API result when a custom rule had executed on the address and the risk score flag had been enabled.
2nd of January 2022
Added support for managed rules in the custom rule library.
23rd of December 2021
Corrected some javascript errors related to disabled scripts such as our live-chat which is now only active on our contact us page. Altered the dashboards iFrame cross-origin policy to protect against clickjacking attacks.
21st of December 2021
Added support for Organisation names as an API provided value within Custom Rules (requires API version dated 2nd of December 2021 or newer to use)
11th of December 2021
Improved the initial loading time of the Dashboard by removing unneeded database interactions.
8th of December 2021
Added a new queries per second (QPS) real-time display to the top right of the stats tab allowing customers to view the queries they're making in real-time.
2nd of December 2021
Added a new category to the API Provided Values dropdown for VPN Operator information. Altered the dropdown formatting for API Provided Values within the Custom Rules tab, now places data providers in categories. Added support for arrays in API Output Modifiers when inserting [] at the end of a Custom Output Name.
24th of November 2021
Corrected an issue where the country map would fail to load for customers with very large positive detection rates.
15th of November 2021
Vastly improved the Dashboard for smaller screened devices, especially phones.
12th of November 2021
Decreased the perceived loading time of the Dashboard by having the UI become fully visible sooner.
10th of November 2021
The dashboard has had its appearance refreshed, now features our topological background and better support for smaller screened devices.