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Last update: 24th of June 2021
24th of June 2021
Added two new custom output modifiers to the Custom Rules feature which enable you to force on or force off logging for a checked address.
29th of May 2021
Added a new Blogging category to the Custom Rule Library which includes two new rules that will help to reduce the query usage caused by poorly configured crawler bots.
21st of May 2021
Fixed an issue where paid subscribers wouldn't be able to view their whitelist, blacklist or stats from within the dashboard.
20th of May 2021
Added clear Burst Token activity indicators to the top info bar so you can see if a Burst Token is currently being used to boost your daily query allowance. Altered the wording and appearance of the paid options tab when an active subscription is present. It now features a two-column design that better scales for smaller displays.
15th of May 2021
Corrected an issue where it was possible to save a custom rule which contained invalid API Provided Values or Comparison Types under certain scenarios.
5th of May 2021
The volume of custom rules were increased for all paid plans. Starter plans now start with 9 rules instead of 6 and increment in 3. Pro increment by 5, Business increment by 10 and Enterprise increment by 15.
4th of May 2021
Corrected an issue with the highest Starter Plan not applying properly when purchased for a year due to an invalid SKU ID.
24th of April 2021
Made the dashboard more resilient against payment flow breakages such as when a customer copies the checkout URL to be paid on another device. Added a new custom rule to the rule library for showing hosting providers in the API's connection type output.
17th of April 2021
Corrected an issue where attack history wouldn't be shown within the Dashboard's positive detection log. Added two new custom rules to the rule library for blocking regions within specific countries.
10th of April 2021
API Keys will no longer be included automatically with all automated emails to customers, they will only be included when required.
17th of March 2021
Improved the reliability of loading paid customer information when the dashboard is presented with an expired payment token. Improved the speed of generating a new API Key and added a new restriction of one API Key change per 8 hours per account.
2nd of March 2021
Updated the colors on various navigation bars to be more vibrant and added dropshadows to white text to improve readability.
1st of March 2021
Added tooltips to all buttons that only feature icons to make the dashboard easier to understand. Corrected an issue where the automatic refreshing of the positive detection log may fail to function correctly.
27th of February 2021
The automatic refreshing of the positive detection log now remembers your play/pause setting between visits. The automatic refreshing of the positive detection log will now unpause when collapsing a log entry or changing pages but only if you've not manually disabled automatic refreshing. Added intermediary loading placeholders for parts of the dashboard that load into the page after the page has been initially loaded.
26th of February 2021
Added automatic refreshing of the positive detection log with automatic pausing when interacting with specific log entries.