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Last update: 21st of July 2022
21st of July 2022
Corrected an XSS vulnerability with the global back button across the majority of our webpages.
9th of July 2022
Added confirmation buttons to all plan alteration boxes so that unintended upgrades or downgrades are less likely to occur.
17th of June 2022
Corrected an issue with the legacy blacklist/whitelist API, when adding entries the default type of the list would be set to Custom instead of Whitelisted or Blacklisted.
7th of June 2022
Added number formatting to the plan type shown in the top stat bar to better showcase larger customers data without breaking the page layout. Slightly brightened up the white glass theme used across the site so it looks less grey.
28th of May 2022
Improved the reliability of password managers to locate the correct login fields for the dashboard.
25th of May 2022
Corrected an issue where whitelisted or blacklisted singular addresses would not be acted upon by the API. Added a new Custom Lists tab which enables you to create blacklists, whitelists and other kinds of custom lists for later rule use. Added support for specifying custom lists by name within the Custom Rules feature. Removed the individual Whitelist and Blacklist tabs and in their place is the new Custom Lists tab.
22nd of May 2022
Altered the wording on the custom rules tab which explains how many additional rules become available when upgrading your plan to the next tier.
16th of May 2022
Corrected some misaligned menus on the CORS tab.
20th of April 2022
Added the ability to manually pay invoices which couldn't be collected automatically from the Paid Options tab (Toggle Invoice section).
20th of February 2022
Moved the node names from a main column in the positive detection log to the tooltip when hovering over an entries time column.
19th of February 2022
Improved the positive detection log's ability to display disposable email addresses.
15th of February 2022
Support for email statistics, logs and whitelist/blacklisting was added to the dashboard to support our new disposable email feature.
3rd of February 2022
A bug where toggling your Dashboard API access off could have no effect on some Dashboard API endpoints.
25th of January 2022
The prices for our second and third business plans were increased and the prices on all enterprise plans were increased. (These price changes only apply to newly started plans or when changing plans, currently held plans will not see price increases)
22nd of January 2022
Improved both the light and dark versions of our glass theme especially for background colors and drop shadows.