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Last Update: 1st of August 2020
1st of August 2020
Renamed the custom rule "Proxy Type" condition to "Connection Type" as we are soon broadening this type response in our API to include Residential, Wireless and Hosting response types.
31st of July 2020
  • Improved the navigation bar view when accessed on a smaller screened device by reducing text size and even removing text entirely when appropriate.
  • Slightly improved the stats positive detection log display when viewed on smaller screened devices by reducing the columns shown for less relevent information such as answering nodes.
  • 24th of July 2020
    Improved the display of long addresses in the positive detection log (should only apply to very long IPv6 addresses).
    23rd of July 2020
  • It is no longer possible to recover an account that is secured by a two-factor authenticator in an automated way, customer support must be involved.
  • When logging in to the dashboard using a new IP Address you will now receive an email from us detailing the login so you can take appropriate action if the login was not performed by you.
  • 29th of June 2020
    Updated the CORS javascript example code snippets to include the use of universal transport support instead of hardcoded transport security indicators (https).
    20th of June 2020
  • The dashboard now remembers which tab you had opened the last time you used it and will show you that same tab by default when loaded.
  • Corrected an issue with the positive download log where the exports (csv, html, txt) would open in a new browser tab instead of downloading to your computer as a file.
  • 16th of June 2020
  • Added the ability to unlock free custom rules by securing your account with a password and Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Added a new condition type to the custom rules feature called CORS which lets you detect if a query was a client or server based request.
  • When making an untagged client-based (CORS) request to the API the URL of the visited page will now be included as the tag automatically.
  • 26th of May 2020
    The Download button beneath the positive detection log has been changed, when clicked it now presents you with several download options for various formats and time frames.
    23rd of May 2020
    Corrected an issue where accounts would have their daily query usage reset one hour later than shown in the Dashboard.
    16th of May 2020
    Corrected an issue where your queries today and total may show in a hard to see grey font within the Dashboard.
    23rd of April 2020
  • Updated the Custom Rules feature to support two new location API responses for Region and Region Codes. These appear when supplying &asn=1 with your queries to our v2 API.
  • Updated our icons and JavaScript Libraries to be served solely from our own infrastructure instead of from third party CDN's for reliability, privacy and performance reasons.
  • 19th of March 2020
    Adjusted the alert that appears when you have made recent queries to our v1 API. This API endpoint is now EOL (End of Life) and no longer being supported.
    24th of February 2020
    Corrected an issue where password managers may place your API Key or Email Address into the registration field while attempting to login to the dashboard.
    14th of February 2020
    Improved origin name validation for the CORS feature.
    8th of February 2020
    Added support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing to the API and Dashboard. You can now enter in web addresses to query the API directly by visitors to your website.