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Last update: 17th of April 2021
17th of April 2021
Corrected an issue where attack history wouldn't be shown within the Dashboard's positive detection log. Added two new custom rules to the rule library for blocking regions within specific countries.
10th of April 2021
API Keys will no longer be included automatically with all automated emails to customers, they will only be included when required.
17th of March 2021
Improved the reliability of loading paid customer information when the dashboard is presented with an expired payment token. Improved the speed of generating a new API Key and added a new restriction of one API Key change per 8 hours per account.
2nd of March 2021
Updated the colors on various navigation bars to be more vibrant and added dropshadows to white text to improve readability.
1st of March 2021
Added tooltips to all buttons that only feature icons to make the dashboard easier to understand. Corrected an issue where the automatic refreshing of the positive detection log may fail to function correctly.
27th of February 2021
The automatic refreshing of the positive detection log now remembers your play/pause setting between visits. The automatic refreshing of the positive detection log will now unpause when collapsing a log entry or changing pages but only if you've not manually disabled automatic refreshing. Added intermediary loading placeholders for parts of the dashboard that load into the page after the page has been initially loaded.
26th of February 2021
Added automatic refreshing of the positive detection log with automatic pausing when interacting with specific log entries.
12th of February 2021
Added a new colored badge to the positive detection log for Blacklisted entries, it's dark grey with black text and makes them easier to see. Altered the lookback time for the positive detection logs detailed threat view from 7 days to 30 days for higher accuracy in detailing detected threats.
2nd of February 2021
The changelog feature (which you're currently reading) was updated to include color coding for highlighting new features, improvements and fixes. Corrected an issue where under rare circumstances setting up a new paid plan could fail to be automatically fulfilled.
28th of January 2021
Added a new Gaming category to the custom rule library accompanied by a rule to whitelist popular cloud gaming services.
20th of January 2021
Added a new Rule Library to the Custom Rules tab which contains 18 of the most common rule types people ask for assistance in creating.
18th of January 2021
Corrected an issue that could stop you reliably removing a CORS domain from within the dashboard interface. Corrected an issue that could stop one or more nodes synchronising customer data with each other under specific and rare scenarios.
12th of December 2020
Added wildcard support to the CORS feature enabling a single entry to cover both the top level domain and all sub-domains. Added CORS API endpoint for viewing and manipulating your origins remotely. View full documentation here
11th of December 2020
Improved the CORS import/export feature to disregard extraneous information along with backend storage improvements for faster CORS loading both by the API and Dashboard. Corrected a cross-site origin header issue on both the usage and queries export API endpoints.
17th of November 2020
Added support for burst tokens to the dashboard allowing customers to gain a safety net for unusually high bursts of activity several times per month.