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Last update: 23rd of October 2021
23rd of October 2021
Improvements were made to the dark mode theme on the dashboard. A warning to change your email address will now appear at the top of your dashboard if we've been unable to email you due to your provider bouncing our emails.
11th of October 2021
Altered the discount percentage shown from 8.44% to 8.33% when purchasing a yearly plan - The previously displayed percentage was an error and the discount has always been 8.33%.
10th of October 2021
Added a new rule to the rule library which allows iCloud Private Relay to bypass being blocked as a VPN.
7th of October 2021
Added the ability to delete your account and all associated data from the settings tab of the dashboard. Some improvements were made to the dark mode removing bright colors on certain buttons and disabled fields.
24th of September 2021
Added a Facebook targeting rule to the rule library. The custom rules interface was updated with support for downloading individual rules to your computer. The JSON Import feature on the Custom Rules tab now appends imported rules to your account instead of replacing any rules you may have had there. Altered the wording that is sent via email when enabling two-factor authentication to make it clearer to read. Corrected a darkmode-lightmode switch issue with an icon on the settings page.
17th of September 2021
Corrected an issue where the two extra custom rules you receive for securing your account with a password and a two-factor authenticator were not being accounted for when activating custom rules within the Dashboard.
15th of September 2021
Corrected an issue with our Metis server where it was unable to apply paid plans or alter most account settings due to a database permission issue.
13th of September 2021
The wording surrounding PayPal payments was updated to remove references to 6 month plan times. We now only allow for 12 months of time to be purchased via PayPal one-time payments.
3rd of September 2021
Added Burst Token Allowances to the Dashboard's Usage API.
17th of August 2021
Added a notification to prompt users to upgrade their API version when they are using an outdated version.
16th of August 2021
Fixed an issue where clicking the update card details button failed to do anything.
14th of August 2021
Updated the checkout flow to use server-side setup as opposed to client-side. This enables more features such as remebering past customers when they start new plans.
6th of August 2021
Added support for dark mode across the entire dashboard.
24th of June 2021
Added two new custom output modifiers to the Custom Rules feature which enable you to force on or force off logging for a checked address.
29th of May 2021
Added a new Blogging category to the Custom Rule Library which includes two new rules that will help to reduce the query usage caused by poorly configured crawler bots.