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Last Update: 19th of August 2019
19th of August 2019
Improved the backend statistics syncing system to fix some issues with high-volume customers. Should now see new queries you make show in the dashboard in under 90 seconds.
18th of August 2019
Improved the most active tag feature to now allow you to search within the past day, week or month. Improved the table keys to only show types that are present in the data for a cleaner look.
17th of August 2019
  • Added support for importing and exporting all of your custom rules as JSON files for easy local backup and editing.
  • Added most active tags over the past month to the stats tab with a breakdown of the positive detection types.
  • 14th of August 2019
    Added support for showing Custom Rule entries within the Positive Detection log as their own entries seperate from Proxy/VPN entries. Also added support for filtering Custom Rule results.
    6th of August 2019
    Fixed a bug where having multiple rules could cause duplicate conditions or rule outputs from higher rules to be saved in lower rules when using the Save All button (Individual rule saving was not affected).
    4th of August 2019
  • Added support for variables in rule output modifier values such as %IP%, %TAG%, %COUNTRY% and more. View the updated documentation here for full information.
  • Fixed various minor custom rule bugs.
  • Made the API Key change system more robust to correct issues caused by conflicting key statistics.
  • 2nd of August 2019
  • Added Custom Tag Value as a new output modifier for the rules feature enabling you to override or otherwise provide a tag for a rule.
  • Corrected an issue with the rules feature where some output modifiers would trigger an early response from the API before all the output modifiers you had applied to a single rule were processed.
  • Added a new status warning message when you try to add multiple IP exact match conditions within a single rule. Condition rows must all be satisfied for a rule to be enacted, placing multiple rows with different IP's for exact matches will thus make the rule invalid.
  • 31st of July 2019
  • Rebuilt our payment system to use Stripes new and even more secure Checkout v3 which is ready for SCA payments.
  • Added support for Apple Pay when starting a new subscription. (Google & Microsoft Pay, iDEAL, Sepa Debit and more payment types coming soon!)
  • Updated most Dashboard icons to a new dual-tone style.
  • 30th of July 2019
    Corrected the slide-out behaviour of some UI elements that were incorrectly sliding into view when they were supposed to pop-in instead.
    27th of July 2019
    Added a link under the Custom Rules tab to our new documentation page for the Custom Rules feature.
    22nd of July 2019
  • Added three new condition types for the Custom Rules feature: Latitude, Longitude and Port Number.
  • Set the custom rules status bar to not appear when erasing a rule that wasn't saved to begin with.
  • Altered the positive detection log filter settings to smoothly slide out when accessed instead of just instantly appearing in a jarring fashion.
  • 17th of July 2019
  • Added a new tab for Custom Rules letting you customise how the API responds to your queries.
  • Updated the Paid Options tab to clearly show how many custom rules you can enable with each plan size.
  • 3rd of July 2019
    Rewrote the change log display (that you're currently reading!) which appears on every page of our website to only show 15 changes at a time with the ability to load 15 more changes with a button.
    2nd of July 2019
    Corrected an issue where some IP ranges present in white or blacklists could cause a database corruption which would result in constant blacklist/whitelisted results for all IPv6 address checks.
    19th of June 2019
    Added risk scores to the expanded details view of entries listed in your Positive Detection Log.