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Last Update: 19th of March 2020
19th of March 2020
Adjusted the alert that appears when you have made recent queries to our v1 API. This API endpoint is now EOL (End of Life) and no longer being supported.
24th of February 2020
Corrected an issue where password managers may place your API Key or Email Address into the registration field while attempting to login to the dashboard.
14th of February 2020
Improved origin name validation for the CORS feature.
8th of February 2020
Added support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing to the API and Dashboard. You can now enter in web addresses to query the API directly by visitors to your website.
1st of February 2020
Improved the accuracy of incurred queries for accounts with extremely high request rates to our API.
3rd of January 2020
Pricing of starter plans increased. $1.99 is now $2.99 and $3.49 is now $3.99. No other pricing changes were made. These pricing changes only apply to newly started subscriptions.
22nd of December 2019
Added support for continent data to our custom rules feature as it has been added to our API response as an extra location field.
13th of December 2019
Corrected an issue where adding a new payment card to your account would still cause your previous card to be billed for any payment that already had an invoice created.
27th of November 2019
  • Corrected an issue where using tag data from the API in a custom rule could cause a condition match failure due to urlencoding.
  • Altered the labels and instructions for rule conditions to make them easier to understand. Condition Targets are now called API Provided Values. Condition Type is now called Comparison Types and Condition Values are now called Your Values.
  • 7th of November 2019
    Added support for Google Pay in addition to Apple Pay.
    24th of September 2019
  • Added support for condition groups to the custom rules feature enabling OR conditions to be used in the construction of rules.
  • Updated the look of conditions within Custom Rules to use a pink background for required conditions and a blue background for condition groups containing optional conditions.
  • 20th of September 2019
    Added support for removing API outputs to the custom rules feature output section allowing you to remove API responses based on your conditions.
    18th of September 2019
    Added support for custom rule plans to the dashboard allowing the quantity of rules an account has to be increased seperately to the query allowance of the account holder.
    7th of September 2019
    Altered the appearance of the Account Information table which houses your API Key, Plan Tier and so forth. Moved the copy API Key button to the table key for a cleaner look.
    5th of September 2019
    Added back support for customers to update their card details for a currently active subscription. This feature went away briefly as we transitioned to stripes new Checkout feature which is SCA (Secure Customer Authentication) ready.