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Hello everyone this is the sixth feature email newsletter we've sent out (view first, second, third, forth and fifth) and we do have some really neat things to share with you. We've included links to the blog entries that accompanied the changes listed below so you can read more about specific things. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Before we get to the feature changes we just wanted to give you an update on how the service is generally. In a word, things are great. We're still seeing huge uptake of the service and just last month we broke several of our own records for new user signups, queries made and revenue generated. The service remains healthy and growing. Now lets get to the updates!

  1. Outreach
    • We completely overhauled our API documentation and introduced a test console. [Blog Link]
    • We added email alerts for customers who prefer to pay their plans manually instead of using a subscription. [Blog Link]
    • We added support for custom rule plans in addition to custom query plans for our largest customers.
    • We added documentation for our new custom rules feature. [Blog Link]
  2. Infrastructure Changes
    • We added a new server called HADES which is dedicated to provisioning servers and cluster management. [Blog Link]
    • We drastically improved data synchronising between nodes, customer stats now available within 60 seconds on average. [Blog Link]
  3. API Improvements
    • General API Performance Improvements were made (avg query time fell from 14ms to 1.5ms with this update). [Blog Link]
    • We added per-second request limits which helped mitigate DDoS attacks. [Blog Link]
    • We added adaptive request caching at our CDN to save you queries and reduce latency on repeatable queries. [Blog Link]
    • We added full attack history to the API with a new URL flag. [Blog Link]
    • We made some radical changes to our Inference Engine for ever increased detection rates. [Blog Link]
    • We added a new API endpoint for tag statistic exporting. [Blog Link]
  4. Dashboard Improvements
    • We introduced Custom Rules, a huge new feature that gives you unrivalled granular control over how we answer your queries. [Blog Link]
    • We further enhanced Custom Rules with new condition types and custom variables. [Blog Link #1], [Blog Link #2]
    • We updated our payment gateway and in doing so gained SCA compliance. We also introduced support for Apple Pay. [Blog Link]
    • We introduced support for Google Pay when starting a monthly or yearly subscription (From November 7th). [Blog Link]
    • We added importing and exporting of custom rules for backup, manual editing and sharing of rules. [Blog Link]
    • We added tag statistics to the dashboard allowing you to easily view what your most attacked tags are. [Blog Link]
    • We overhauled the appearance of the Dashboard with new icons, button groups and styling in general. [Blog Link]
    • We added condition groups to the custom rules feature enabling even more granular rule creation. [Blog Link]
  5. Libraries and Plugins
    • We significantly updated our own PHP Library with support for stats, whitelisting, country blocking etc. [Blog Link]
    • We added a new node.js library written by PLASMAchicken with full v2 API support. [GitHub Link]

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] we love to hear from you. This is the second feature update email we'll be sending this year, we will likely do another one around April-May 2020. If you don't want to receive these emails you can simply login to your account dashboard and toggle the "new feature and improvements" email slider to the off position.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.