Dashboard updates: Rule Import/Export & Tag Statistics

Today we made two changes to the customer dashboard the first enables you to download your custom rules for backup, editing or to take to another IP processing company. We've also enabled the ability to upload your own rules in JSON format which makes it possible to create your own rule generator or easily move your rules from the different accounts you may have with us.

Image description

You'll find two new buttons within the global control interface on the custom rules tab of the dashboard just like in the screenshot above.

The second change we've made is to do with the stats tab where we've added a new section to view tag statistics as shown in the screenshot below.

Image description

This feature has often been requested and we're happy to be able to add it to the dashboard today. It essentially allows you to see how often your tags result in a positive detection with a breakdown showing the types of detections that it triggered.

So that's it for this update, we hope everyone is having a great weekend!