Official PHP Library Updated

Over the past month we've released two significant updates to our PHP Library which bring full feature parity with our v2 API and also with our dashboard API's.

This means you can now use all the flags that the v2 API offers including our latest risk score and attack history data as well as view your account statistics, page through your positive detection log and more all with the library.

Here is a full rundown of the changes across our v0.1.3 (May) and v0.1.4 (June) releases.

  • Added support for viewing account statistics and positive detections
  • Added support for risk scores and attack history
  • Added local whitelisting in addition to blacklisting
  • Added isocode support to the country white/blacklist features
  • Improved error handling when option flags are absent

You can get the latest release (v0.1.4) from here or from our github page here. We hope you'll all enjoy the library, we are accepting feature requests for it. Local country whitelisting support was one such customer request.

Thanks and have a great week.