Lots of Dashboard improvements

Probably the feature that our customers interact with the most is our customer dashboard. Which is why we spend a lot of development time making it better. Over the past month we've added a lot of small enhancements which we would like to tell you about.

  • Icons and Buttons around the Dashboard were updated, we also added icons to buttons that previously didn't have any.
  • Greatly improved the speed at which your query statistics and positive detection log now appear (Avg 1 Minute).
  • Made the Queries Today and Queries Total show the most accurate and up to date volume of queries you've performed.
  • Added back support for customers to update their card details for a currently active subscription.
  • Improved the appearance of the account information table at the very top of your dashboard and moved the copy API Key button.
  • Added more text labels to paragraph blocks so it's easier to quickly read and summarise what a section is for.
  • Added support for custom rule plans so we can offer our largest customers custom rule plans separate to query plans.
  • Added a new custom rule output modifier to the rules feature which allows you to remove an output from the API by name.

These sorts of changes are always available to be read by hovering your mouse over the "Last Update" feature which is present at the bottom right of all our web pages.

Keeping you informed about the development progress of proxycheck.io is very important to us and while we usually wouldn't make a blog post for each of these changes on their own taken together there's a lot of improvements that warranted this blog post.

One thing we wanted to talk a little more about is the re-adding of support for customers to update their card information for a currently active subscription. When the European SCA (Secure Card Authentication) regulations came in we updated our integration to be compliant and during that time there was no way for us to do what's known as capture a customers card information for later use.

Due to that we had to remove the card updating feature from our website until our payment processor (Stripe) was able to provide such an integration which we could use, they were able to do that just ahead of the September 14th SCA deadline and we moved quickly to add that feature back within a few hours of Stripe launching it.

We're aware that some of you were inconvenienced when this feature was removed which is why we made every effort to add it back as soon as we could. As of now we're fully SCA compliant and as a result of that compliancy we now also accept Apple Pay which we spoke about in a previous blog post.

That's all for now, thanks for reading and have a great weekend.