Spring Updates

This month we've been working mostly behind the scenes on various long term projects and today we'd like to share some of these with you so that you can get an understanding of how we're improving the service going forward and what investments we're making for our future.

Earlier this month we added a new server similar in nature to STYX which has a specific duty within our infrastructure. This new server is called HADES and it's an orchestration server. It handles all our server management duties including the scheduling of automatic software updates, the setup and provisioning of new servers and continued real-time monitoring of our entire infrastructure among other similar duties.

Essentially HADES allows us to do a lot of things in a completely automated way that could only be done semi-automated in the past. Which means by having HADES we can deploy a greater number of servers with the least amount of ongoing management burden.

This leads well into what we've been working on with honeypots. If you've visited our status page before you may have noticed at the bottom we list 20 of our own honeypots. These are virtual private servers we setup around two years ago to appear attractive to bots which are hunting for exploitable computers on the internet. The data provided by these honeypots has been invaluable to growing our unique datasets.

But we always want more data which is why we have been aggressively securing partnerships with sources of unique attack data. One reason for why this data is useful is because there is a very wide crossover between addresses being used for proxying and addresses being used for botting.

And our customer base is growing in the direction where it's not just good enough to only detect proxies and virtual private networks, our customers almost always want to block any non-human visitor to their site or service. They know that bots are a growing nuisance which are causing untold damage to infrastructure and loss of earnings.

Be it from employee time wasted cleaning web properties of spam comments, click fraud that destroys your ad revenue or devastating and automated exploit hunting that results in infrastructure compromises that hurt customer confidence in your business and lead to big financial ramifications.

All of this is why we've been putting a deep focus on what our API today lists as compromised servers. We have an opportunity to make the internet safer and at an affordable price so that no site or service need go unprotected.

And of course these new partnerships we've been making continue to respect our privacy obligations. The only data we're sharing with our new partners comes from our own honeypots and inference engine. We're not giving up any of your data or the data you entrust to us about your own customers.

These changes are all live as of this post and we've already grown our purview of bots by 25% this month and we see that only growing as we strike more partnerships going forward.

Thanks for reading this update and we hope you all have a great week.