Email Alert Improvements and a CDN Caching Update

Today we've pushed a minor update which will bring about a quality of life improvement for our customers who prefer to make singular payments for service instead of being on our reoccurring billing system.

From today we'll send you an email a day before your paid plan is going to expire so you don't caught out. Prior to today we only sent you an email at the same moment your plan transitioned from paid to free which did cause some customers to go without full protection until they started a new plan.

Like our previous plan expired emails, these are tied to your email preferences within the customer dashboard, specifically the "Important emails related only to my account" email toggle.

So if you don't want to receive these kinds of alerts (for example you've chosen to cancel a paid plan as you don't need it anymore) you can simply toggle that email preference off and we won't send you any such notifications.

The second thing we wanted to talk about is our new CDN Caching that we introduced a few days ago to help smooth out peak loads and specifically handle DDoS attacks.

The good news is we've been able to significantly reduce load on our cluster by utilising caching at our network partner CloudFlare. In-fact we had another attack on our infrastructure recently and the mitigations held up quite well, service was not affected or disrupted. We've been tweaking the system and today we pushed live some changes to how it handles unregistered users (those without an API Key) so they have an even smaller impact on our service.

For registered users (both free and paid) this means a better quality of service overall as less resources need to be spent handling unregistered user queries.

Thanks for reading! - We hope everyone is having a great week.