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Hello everyone this is the fourth feature email newsletter we've sent out (view first, second and third) and we do have some great changes to communicate to you. We've included links to the blog entries that accompanied these changes so you can read more in-depth about specific changes. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]

It has been a great 2018 for us with record growth, we hit a new usage record every single day this year and we couldn't be happier about it. But it's the improvements to the service we really want to share with you today so lets get to the updates!

  1. Outreach
    • New email notices were added for upcoming payments so no one gets caught out by a payment. [Blog Link]
    • We launched a new threats page which allows visitors to lookup an IP Address and get detailed information. [Blog Link]
    • We launched a new composer library for PHP which is our most advanced code example yet exposing all our API features and offering client-side country blocking. [Blog Link]
  2. Infrastructure Changes
    • We removed our weakest cluster node called ATLAS and replaced it with a much more capable server we've called ZEUS. [Blog Link]
    • We started to use the Argo VPN network from CloudFlare to reduce network latency for customers accessing our website and API. [Blog Link]
  3. API Improvements
    • Lots of inference engine improvements to increase accuracy and lower response times on live queries. [Blog Link]
    • We raised how many IP's you can check in one request from 1,000 to 10,000. [Blog Link]
    • Drastic speed enhancements to the v2 API, more than a 100x speed increase. [Blog Link]
    • Even more v2 API speed enhancements + Customer Survey results. [Blog Link]
    • A new status code and message system was added to the v2 API so you know if calls processed successfully. [Blog Link]
  4. General UI Improvements
    • We launched a brand new homepage, footer enhancements and we stopped serving ads on our site. [Blog Link]
    • The web interface page saw an overhaul with the inclusion of copy to clipboard buttons. [Blog Link]
    • Complete overhaul of our plugins page making it look much more presentable and app-store like. [Blog Link]
    • Improved the visual appearance of the change log pop-up present on most of our pages. [Blog Link]
    • Drastic dashboard visual overhaul with new buttons, sliders, alerts and more. [Blog Link]
    • Improved the visual appearance of email preferences within the dashboard. [Blog Link]
  5. Dashboard Improvements
    • An invoice history viewer was added to the paid options tab within the dashboard. [Blog Link]
    • Filtering and Searching was added to the Positive Detection Log under the stats tab. [Blog Link]
    • Performance improvements to the positive detection log to support customers with extremely large detection logs. [Blog Link]
    • Two-Factor Authentication was added to the Dashboard. [Blog Link]
    • Country information was added to the positive detection log under the stats tab. [Blog Link]
    • A new graph which is a map of the earth was added to the stats tab which illustrates detections by country. [Blog Link]
    • Added the ability to update your bank card details for a currently active subscription. [Blog Link]

We hope you all liked these changes which were made this year. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] we love to hear from you. This is the last feature email we'll be sending this year, we will likely do another one around March-June 2019. If you don't want to receive these emails you can simply login to your account dashboard and untick the new feature emails checkbox.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.