Custom Rules update, more conditions!

When we released the new Custom Rules feature on July 17th we asked you all to try it out and give us any feedback you may have. And to our surprise a great deal of you have created rules that remain active as of this post indicating you've found the feature useful.

Whenever we make a big feature like this we always wonder exactly how many customers will make use of it and it's not like you all visit our website every day to find out what we're doing so to have so many of you use the feature and so soon after its unveil has been quite surprising.

And with that surprisingly high usage has come a lot of feedback. In-fact we probably received more feedback since launch about this feature than any other. It has been made clear to us that you all love being able to create an unlimited amount of conditions and outputs within each rule. Making that unlimited was the right way to go and we've received a lot of praise for that.

You've also made it clear you want more conditions which is why today we've introduced Latitude, Longitude and Port Number condition targets. The first two new conditions will allow you to create complex geofenced rules by utilising the Latitude and Longitude data we provide within ranges you specify.

Another piece of feedback we received was that you would like some kind of library with pre-made rules for common situations so that you can browse and save a rule to your dashboard which you can use as-is or edit to fit your specific need. We do intend to make this and in-fact it was brought up during the initial development stages.

The final piece of feedback we received is you would like to see documentation for this feature. Some of the condition values you can provide are not obvious and while we have enhanced the status messages that appear to be more descriptive since the launch we agree with you that a full page piece of documentation in the same style as our API Documentation page is necessary. We will be working on this.

So that's your first update to the rules feature. We're of course still accepting feedback for this and all other features so please get in touch with your ideas, we love to hear them.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!