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Hello everyone this is the fifth feature email newsletter we've sent out (view first, second, third and forth) and we do have some new things to share with you. We've included links to the blog entries that accompanied the changes listed below so you can read more about specific things. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Before we get to the updates we just wanted to let you know how the service is going generally. We're still growing rapidly and investing heavily in our technology as you'll read about below. We're also investing long term in our infrastructure so we can continue to maintain our growth without negatively affecting the performance of our service, keeping things fast and reliable is paramount to us.

  1. Outreach
    • We did our first infrastructure deep dive, detailing how we run our service with beautiful illustrations. [Blog Link]
    • We updated our Composer Library with support for managing your White and Blacklists. [Blog Link]
    • We added a new home view to the threats page which displays recent detected proxies by country with a visual map. [Blog Link]
    • We added attack history to threat pages when viewing specific addresses. [Blog Link]
    • We updated our contact page with a new contact form allowing for convenient priority based assistance. [Blog Link]
    • Our API Documentation page was updated to include all API response types so it's easier to utilise. [API Documentation Link]
  2. Infrastructure Changes
    • We added a new server called STYX that is dedicated to processing addresses through our inference engine. [Blog Link]
    • We added a new main cluster node called RHEA which provides extra redundancy and extra performance through load balancing. [Blog Link]
    • We setup our own nameservers and can now take advantage of geographic based routing. [Blog Link]
  3. API Improvements
    • We added City and Coordinate information to the v2 API endpoint. [Blog Link]
    • We drastically improved the detection rate and speed of our inference engine. [Blog Link]
    • We added a new risk assessment score for IP Addresses which draws on our vast data about attacks. [Blog Link]
    • Pagination was added to the dashboards positive detection JSON API. [API Documentation Link]
  4. Dashboard Improvements
    • We updated the dashboards stats tab to include IP Attack history when clicking on positive detection entries. [Blog Link]
    • We increased all customers monthly positive detection history storage space for untagged queries from 32MB to 128MB.
    • Drastically improved the load times of statistics for all customers but especially ones with very large positive detection rates.
  5. Third Party Libraries and Plugins
    • The C# library was updated to fully support our v2 API and all its newer features. [Blog Link]
    • Various plugins for Minecraft and Source based games were added. [Plugins Page], [Blog Link]
    • The 3rd party WordPress plugin "Proxy & VPN Blocker" was updated to add page, post and div based blocking. [WordPress Link]

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] we love to hear from you. This is the first feature update email we'll be sending this year, we will likely do another one around October-November 2019. If you don't want to receive these emails you can simply login to your account dashboard and toggle the "new feature and improvements" email slider to the off position.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.