New Dashboard API: Tag Stat Exporting!

When we added the new tag statistics section to the customer dashboard a week ago we instantly received requests from customers for an export API containing this data. We agreed with you that this feature was important and so today we've added it.

If you just want to see the documentation for this new API you can read that right here within our API documentation page.

This API is a bit different from the others, it has some more advanced features like being able to specify start and end unix timestamps to create a viewable time frame. This allows you to really look at tag use between any time period you specify. But we've also kept some more basic time controls like an easy to use days flag for our users who prefer that.

Below is an example of this new API endpoint showing how it can give you some great insight into your tag usage and the IP's triggering those tags.

    "\/board\/ucp.php?mode=login": {
        "types": {
            "total": 10845,
            "rule": 468,
            "proxy": 10377
        "addresses": {
            "": 4263,
            "": 3615,
            "": 2967

With this new API Endpoint we've also updated our own dashboard implementation to use the same API and that brings with it enhanced performance, especially for users with a lot of tagged queries and we've also added the ability to click on entries to view the associated IP Addresses and a button to copy the addresses to your clipboard.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!