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Hello everyone this is the seventh feature email newsletter we've sent out (view first, second, third, forth, fifth and sixth) and we do have some really neat things to share with you. We've included links to the blog entries that accompanied the changes listed below so you can read more about specific things. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Before we get to the feature changes we wanted to give you an update on how the service is doing.

Obviously right now the world is still wrestling with the COVID-19 global pandemic and for us the biggest change caused by this has been the temporary closure of our live chat support which we're aiming to have available again later this month. Apart from that we've been relatively unscathed by the pandemic and in-fact the usage of our service increased sharply as many people began to stay home and use the internet more. It is our hope that everyone reading this remains safe and healthy.

Now with that out of the way lets get to the updates!

  1. Outreach
    • We updated our Custom Rules documentation to encompass new features and made the documentation easier to digest. [Blog Link]
    • We officially sunset our v1 API after two years since our v2 API launched. [Blog Link]
    • Pricing for newly created starter plans were increased. ($1.99 -> $2.99. $3.49 -> $3.99). [Blog Link]
    • The specific address threat pages were updated to include Continent and Region information. [Threat Page Link]
    • We built new relationships for data sharing with other entities and datacenters. [Blog Link]
  2. Infrastructure Changes
    • We added a new server to the cluster called EOS. This increased cluster capacity by 25% [Blog Link]
    • Our cluster database synchronisation system went through many updates that maximise synchronisation speed.
    • We began self-hosting all website resources (fonts, icons, js libraries etc) for enhanced performance, reliability and privacy.
  3. API Improvements
    • We added continent names to the API output when providing the &asn=1 flag. [Blog Link]
    • We added region names and codes to the API output when providing the &asn=1 flag. [Blog Link]
    • We added client-side API querying through broad CORS support. [Blog Link]
    • We introduced the detection of CloudFlare Warp VPN's. [Blog Link]
    • We introduced a new Adaptive Caching feature to save you queries and increase performance. [Blog Link]
  4. Dashboard Improvements
    • We added a new CORS tab to the dashboard to support our new client-side API querying. [Blog Link]
    • The names of fields within the Custom Rules feature were altered to be more intuitive. [Blog Link]
    • We added Continent, Region and Region Code support to the Custom Rules user interface.
    • We added a new download dropdown to the positive detection log allowing for text, csv, json and html downloads. [Blog Link]
  5. Libraries and Plugins
    • We refreshed the descriptions, labels and screenshots on the plugins page. [Plugins Page Link]
    • We added a new Minecraft plugin called XProtect written by LagBug with full v2 API support. [Plugins Page Link]

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] we love to hear from you. This is the first feature update email we'll be sending this year, we will likely do another one around December 2020. If you don't want to receive these emails you can simply login to your account dashboard and toggle the "new feature and improvements" email slider to the off position.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.