One more thing...

We thought the previous post would be our last update for the year but there is one more thing. Today we've added support for continent data throughout our service. Which means when you now do &asn=1 you'll now receive a response like this:

    "status": "ok",
    "": {
        "asn": "AS6389",
        "provider": "AT&T Corp.",
        "continent": "North America",
        "country": "United States",
        "latitude": "37.751",
        "longitude": "-97.822",
        "isocode": "US",
        "proxy": "no"

The new field obviously being the one labelled continent. We've also added support for this within our custom rules feature as a new condition and output variable. This will allow easier rules that target all the countries within a continent without needing to break out the atlas and enter each country name manually.

This was a requested feature by several customers and we were more than happy to oblige :)