Hello from Eos

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Today we've added a brand new server to our cluster and like our other servers this one is also named after a greek titan, specifically the goddess of dawn who rose each and every morning. Today our new server Eos will be rising to fill a great need within our cluster for more compute resources.

And the reason for that is over the past week we've received an unprecedented increase in very large customers which has put an increased load on the cluster. The performance has remained stable and fast but we always want to have a large buffer of extra capacity so in the event one or more server nodes has an issue the service is never disrupted.

And so Eos provides us with that extra buffer space. In-fact it's now our second fastest server in the cluster and later this year we will be transitioning some of our weaker nodes to stronger ones. Our intention is to double CPU performance and memory capacity on three of the five nodes before the end of this year.

A side benefit to adding Eos to the cluster is that our per-second API request limits have raised automatically by 25% so instead of being able to make 500 queries to the cluster per second you can now make 625. This should help those of you who see very high burst activity during attacks on your services and infrastructure.

We hope everyone had a great January just like we did and thank you for reading!