v1 API has reached end of life

Today we're officially ending all support for our v1 API. We first announced we were doing this way back on March 17th 2018 and we've been showing a notice within customer dashboards since that time if you've made any recent v1 API calls.

Now to be clear, we're not removing the v1 API endpoint but we are no longer guaranteeing that it will remain functional and available. In addition to that all of the new features we released over the past 9 months have only been accessible through our v2 API endpoint and this will obviously continue to be the case as we roll out further new features.

As an example some highly requested features such as Custom Rules and CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) have only been accessible through our v2 API endpoint since they launched.

And so if you're one of the 0.36% still calling our v1 API endpoint now is the time to switch. To help with the urgency we're changing our dashboard alerts wording and the colour of the notice that appears to be more prominent to users. An example of this notice has been included below.

Image description

We know these kinds of changes can be stressful when they're made without fair warning. This is why we spent the previous two years giving customers a lot of notice and we're quite happy to see most customers transitioned before today, 99.64% of you in-fact. This is no-doubt due to the many wonderful developers who've updated their integrations over the prior 24 months to utilise our current v2 API.

At present we do not have any plans to make another change of this type, we feel the v2 API format is very robust and extensible allowing us to add new features without jeopardising backwards compatibility. So in short, update with confidence we won't be doing another API format change any time soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.