New Export Log Options, New Partner Relationships & Other changes!

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Late last month we remade the download feature built into the positive detection log within customer dashboards. Previously when clicking the download log button you would receive a basic text file containing your most recent log entries but we received feedback from customers that this text based log was limited in its usefulness and more format options were desired.

We completely agreed and so now when clicking the download button a new menu will open which lets you export your log entries as text, json, csv and html as seen below.

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We've also added a time scale selection dropdown which lets you limit how far back in time the log goes which we know will be a welcomed addition especially for users with very large accounts that incur a lot of positive detections.

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The second thing we wanted to talk about were some new data brokerage deals we have made with other entities. Over the past year we've courted many agreements which have granted us access to attack information that most companies in our space don't get access to. This can range from single occupant firewall logs all the way up to attack logs from entire datacenters.

Last month we began utilising data provided from several new relationships and the affect on our dataset is already being felt through increased detection rates of both proxies and compromised servers. And in-fact we've seen our detection of emerging threats increase substantially just due to having access to so much more data where we can observe both individual addresses and entire ISP's performing attacks across the wider web.

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In addition to the above we also wanted to detail some behind the scenes fixes and quality of life improvements we've made over the past couple of months across both our API and website.

  • Our custom syncing system has been beefed up substantially resulting in faster and more reliable syncing between nodes.
  • We corrected an encoding issue on the v2 API endpoint for City names
  • We corrected a decoding issue on the Threat pages for Region names
  • We corrected a whole bunch of minor visual bugs around the dashboard
  • Various plugin documentation was updated with new plugins, screenshots and descriptions
  • We're now self-hosting everything on our website (fonts, js libraries, icons etc) for reliability, performance and privacy.

And that's all we wanted to fill you in on today, thanks for reading and we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!