Broadening Location Data with Region Information

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Although our focus has been the detection of anonymous IP Addresses we have found through discussions with our customers that many of them are using our service as an affordable way to gain access to IP location information.

We ourselves have seen the added value location data provides and there is a lot of synergy offering generalised IP information alongside our more targeted proxy detection information.

This is why we've continually increased the amount of location information offered by our API and at no added cost to our customers. To us, a query is a query regardless of the information you utilise from our responses.

To bolster our location offering today we've added two new fields to our API response based on customer feedback. These are for Region Names and Region Codes. Below is a sample of how the new information will show when you perform a request to our v2 API with our ASN flag enabled.

    "status": "ok",
    "node": "EOS",
    "": {
        "asn": "AS52219",
        "provider": "Router Networks LLC",
        "continent": "North America",
        "country": "United States",
        "isocode": "US",
        "region": "California",
        "regioncode": "CA",
        "city": "Los Angeles",
        "latitude": 34.0584,
        "longitude": -118.278,
        "proxy": "yes",
        "type": "VPN"
    "query time": "0.006s"

The region data doesn't only apply to American States but will actually provide information for regions all over the world. For example checking an IP from England will now show England as the region while continuing to display United Kingdom as the country like previously.

You may also have noticed that we've moved up where the Country isocode response is outputted from above proxy to below country. This means all our location information now output from the least precise to most precise which makes more logical sense.

Support for the new region and region code fields has been added across proxycheck. The v2 API top to bottom, our custom rules feature both in the API and your Dashboards, our threats pages and our API documentation page including our API test console present there.

Like our City information not all addresses will have region data available. Addresses used as part of IP Anycast systems and addresses that have no lock to a specific region will simply not show this information. An example of this may be a country-wide wireless carrier that uses a range of addresses all over the country based on network demand.

We hope this new feature will help those of you creating geofenced apps and services, we know this is the main use case for this kind of information because as we said above this feature was requested by customers on a number of occasions.

Thanks for reading and we hope you're having a great week!