Website Interface Refresh

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Today we've refreshed the website with a renewed user interface. This new design brings what we call our glass theme found on our homepage to all the pages of our site for both our slate and snow themes.

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Alongside giving our pages a more modern appearance it serves to bring design harmony and consistency. We've loved the topological map design featured on our homepage and we're very happy to now have that available on all our pages.

With this change we've also worked on site design from a functionality standpoint. We've taken extra time to tweak the way our content is displayed across the entire site for smaller screened devices.

Prior to today up-to 25% of your screen may be wasted on empty margins if you were using a phone, tablet or other small display. Now the content can use up-to 98% of your display with only the very smallest of margins making our pages more usable on smaller displays.

Thanks for reading and we hope you love the new design as much as we do.