Introducing South Asian point of presence

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Today we're introducing two new high-spec server nodes within the South-Asian region of the world. For those who have followed our blog since 2021, you'll know this has been a long time coming as we have purchased multiple servers to serve the Asian region as test platforms without deploying them in our cluster. All of the servers we've tried until now have failed our testing for one reason or another.

Today that has finally changed as we've deployed two very fast servers to the region for our substantial and growing Asian-based customer base. This will mean your queries no longer head towards Europe where doing so would incur a latency penalty of around 500ms.

During our testing, we've seen latency results of 30ms for India, 60ms for Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam & Malaysia, 80ms for South Korea and 100ms for Japan. These new servers will now handle traffic for all of these countries.

They'll also be handling traffic for the Oceania region which includes Australia and New Zealand as well as certain Pacific islands that are closer to our new South Asian nodes than our North American nodes.

The names we've chosen for the new servers are Pulsar and Quasar. This continues our Space theme for naming servers since we moved away from Greek Titans due to exhausting most of them. Luckily most of the Titans we already chose do have space phenomena named after them so they still fit well.

In other infrastructure news, we boosted our North American capacity by 25% earlier this month by doubling the performance of our LETO node. However, this is only a stopgap measure for the growing traffic that is being generated there and we intend to replace several North American nodes later in the year.

We've seen enormous growth in North America over the past two years and on some days it now eclipses our European traffic which necessitates an infrastructure refresh as we did with our European servers just over a year ago.

So that's the news today, we hope if you have servers in the Asian or Oceanic regions you'll appreciate the lower latency and higher throughput now available to you. Thanks for reading and Have a wonderful weekend.