Operators added to the Positive Detection Log

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In December 2021 we added a feature to our threat pages and API called operator data which lets you view specific information about VPN operators including their name, website and certain policies of their service.

This has been a great value add for our users especially as all that data is exposed through our API directly. However, there has been one area where we've not exploited this data until today which has been the customer Dashboard.

Previously you would only see entries in your positive detection log within the Dashboard like below.

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As you can see the entries are quite generic, a VPN was detected but you don't know which operator it's from and you may want to know that especially if you see a pattern of abuse from a specific operator's services.

And so from today, you'll now receive a more detailed response like below when we know who is operating a VPN server.

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We've made these tags clickable which will open the operator's website in a new tab/window of your browser making it easier for you to research them.

We also tied these new tags directly into our pre-existing operator database (making sure they're always up to date) where not just the names and URLs are lifted from but also the color coding which matches the VPN operator brand colors for easier visual recognition.

So that's the update for today thanks for reading and have a wonderful month!