New Custom Rule Feature: Continued Execution

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Since introducing the Custom Rules feature we've made many improvements but there has been one aspect that hasn't changed, when the conditions of a rule are met it runs and then no other rules positioned below it are allowed to run even if their conditions would also be met.

We did this originally for one main reason, it made rules simpler for customers to understand, specifically they knew when a rule ran that the other rules would not run making it easier to visualise the cause and effect of their created rules.

As time has moved on though this reason make less and less sense. Firstly custom rules has grown substantially in its available feature set. We first introduced optional condition groups and then the rule library and most recently managed rules. In addition to that we've vastly expanded the available data providers, comparison types and output modifiers that can be used.

All of those changes were made to increase the utility of rules and as a result the complexity has naturally increased too. But we think by enabling the ability to have multiple rules run one after another we can reduce some of that complexity because we know some customers are having to make extremely detailed and complicated rules due to only a single rule being able to run per query.

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And so that is why when a rule is expanded you'll now see this new toggle as shown above which when enabled will allow your rules to continue to be processed even if a specific rule is triggered.

By default this toggle will be off for all newly created rules and past saved rules as we think most of the time you'll only want one rule to run but now when you do need more than one rule to run you can easily change that behaviour. This toggle will be available on all types of rules including managed ones where you'll decide whether to have rule processing continue or not.

So that's the update for today, it sure has been a week full of changes hasn't it! - And we still have more to come at the start of next month so make sure to check back for that!