First new node of the year: Nyx

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Today we've added a new cluster node called Nyx to serve the North American market alongside Cronus and Metis. If you read our earlier blog post here you'll know we recently began our infrastructure expansion outside of Europe by adding servers in North America.

The aim has been to lower customer access latency by reducing the distances between our customers servers and our own servers while also maximising service availability in the event of network disruption or hardware failure.

Over the past several months we've seen our daily API request volume increase substantially and the North American region especially has seen a huge increase in just the past 30 days which has been driven by an influx of new customers and even existing customers deploying our service to their pre-existing servers in North America after we delivered the lower access latency they required.

Due to this increase in NA based requests we needed to increase capacity and that's why we've added Nyx today. We're still looking for some great infrastructure in Asia which will be the next region we expand into, we're seeing heavy traffic from Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia which we want to serve better and we hopefully will later this year.

We have been asked if we're still using bare-metal servers or if we've moved some of the cluster to cloud instances. We can confirm that we're still using bare metal servers, we continue to believe the highest security possible remains with bare metal and so that's what we're using for all cluster nodes and in-fact any of our servers that hold any kind of customer data or metadata are bare metal and wholly operated by us directly which is to say we don't use managed services from a third party.

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