Expanded Account Controls

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Today we're introducing a new feature to the customer dashboard which enables you to close your account and erase all the held information we have surrounding your usage of our service.

The reason we've done this is we strongly believe your data belongs to you and just because you've provided us access to some of it doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to revoke that access on your terms.

For many years now you've been able to make a request to our support team to have your account erased but we felt closing an account at a service should always be as easy as it is to open an account and that includes the removal of all your data.

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So within the Dashboard you'll now see a new button in the top right corner of the settings tab as shown above which when pressed will begin the process of closing your account and erasing your data.

From the moment you click that button you'll have 30 minutes to either export your data if you haven't already done so or to cancel the scheduled closure as shown in the screenshot below.

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To be clear this is a full deletion that actually erases your data held on our servers and not just an account disablement. This means you can signup again using the same email address as you used previously because we will have no knowledge of it in our system once the deletion occurs.

It is our hope that we're exceeding the standard set in our industry for not just data portability but account control and data ownership, we truly believe in providing a great frictionless service that doesn't just meet the letter of laws and regulations but the spirit of them too.

We hope everyone is having a great week and thank you for reading!