Custom Rule Library

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Today we've updated the customer dashboard to add a custom rules library which as of this writing contains 18 pre-made rules for the most common scenarios we see rules being used for. As time goes on we'll add more rules to the library as we've made it fully extensible and new rules can be easily created and exported to the library by our staff.

Below is a screenshot showing the library interface and as you can see it's very simple with categories along the left, descriptions in the middle and buttons along the right to add specific rules to your account.

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The part that makes this new feature powerful is the fact the rules are editable by you. Simply add one of our rules from the library and then you can modify it just as if you had created it yourself thus allowing you to quickly get started by using the library as a templating tool.

This is a feature from our roadmap that we've been planning since the custom rules feature was first unveiled to you in mid 2019 and we're very pleased to introduce it today.

We've prototyped many different approaches to creating an easier to use rule system including walk-through guides and even a questionaire based wizard but ultimately we settled on this library system because it's the easiest to use and teaches you how to use our advanced rule interface through working examples.

Thanks for reading and welcome to 2021!