Custom Rule Importing & Exporting Enhancements

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Today we've added a new button to the Custom Rules interface so that you can download your rules to your local computer on a rule-by-rule basis. This makes it easier to backup and share individual rules as opposed to downloading your entire set of rules which has been the only export method available up to now.

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Above we've included an image of the new control buttons you'll see on each of your rules with the highlighted portion being the new rule specific export button.

We've also altered how importing works, prior to today importing would replace any rules already held within your account with the new imported rules. We've now changed this so any imported rules (whether it's a single rule or many rules) will be added to the bottom of your rule list. This change will not just enable easier backup and deployment of specific rules across multiple accounts but will also make the sharing of rules between customers and our support staff easier as well.

In addition to these changes we've also made some improvements to our dark mode and added some rules to the rule library based on common scenarios we've been asked by customers to assist them in creating. We're now up to 45 rules in the library and if you have an idea or need some assistance in making a rule please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for reading and we hope you're all having a great week.