CORS take two

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Today we've released some major updates to the CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) feature found within your dashboard and we're excited to tell you about them.

Firstly we've made some under the hood changes to how your origins are stored on our servers and processed by our v2 API endpoint which should reduce retrieval time from our database and lower the latency incurred when answering a CORS based request from customers, especially for those of you with a large number of origins on your accounts.

Secondly we've improved the import/export experience within the Dashboard. The exported CORS files will be easier to parse and edit with UUID's scrapped from the process, only domains are present within the exported files now.

Thirdly we've added wildcard support which means if you have a lot of subdomains you no longer need to enter them all manually and can instead put a star to indicate all subdomains and the main domain should be allowed to use CORS for your account. (example: can become *

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Fourth we've finally added a Dashboard API endpoint (currently in beta but accessible to all customers) which allows you to list, add, set, remove and clear your origins but crucially it allows for large batch changes to be performed for both adding and removing origins which supports usage at scale. You can view all the documentation for this here

So those are the four changes to CORS, we know you'll find them useful, especially the API and the wildcard support which have been often requested by customers. One last thing, if you intend to use the CORS API please report any issues you come across to us and we'll work to remedy them quickly.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!