Dashboard notices about v1 API

In our last blog post we mentioned that we would soon start showing a message in your dashboard if you're still making queries on our v1 API. You may have already seen the message we're displaying but here is a screenshot of it.

As you can see in the message we have decided to turn off the v1 API on March 1st 2020. However if we still find a lot of traffic using the API at that time we will write some kind of basic translator which will forward queries to the v2 API and translate the responses back into the v1 format. If however very few queries are still being made towards the v1 endpoint we will remove it entirely on that date.

We think two years should give you all ample opportunity to upgrade, I'm sure many of you will have reason to visit the dashboard before the cut off point.

As we get closer to March 1st 2020 we will make the notice more visible, placing it nearer the top of the dashboard and changing the colours so it's even more visible and of course we will eventually send out emails to people using the v1 API when we're only 3-6 months away from the cut off date.

We hope that none of you will feel inconvenienced by the change, we want to make available the best API we possibly can and so setting a firm date allows us to evolve the v2 API without the need to keep making compatibility patches for the v1 API. Essentially giving us more time to work on forward thinking features.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.