Regarding Downtime Today

This is just a quick post as the situation is still developing.

Around 07:30 AM GMT the CloudFlare network began to fault worldwide and our site aswell as all others on the CloudFlare CDN became inaccessible to the internet. We apologise for this and unfortuantely we were unable to mitigate the problem due to our heavy reliance on CloudFlare for DDoS protection and Load Balancing.

Around 08:12 AM GMT service began to be restored and CloudFlare is continuing to update their status page which you can view here:

When CloudFlare shares their post-mortem we will update this post with a link to that. Once again we deeply apologise for the unexpected downtime, it's not something we take lightly and we appreciate your patience and understanding.


Now that we're able to see full analytics for the time period in question we can see that only around 50% of our traffic was affected by the CloudFlare downtime, the other half continued to be answered normally. This appears to be due to the CloudFlare issues only affecting specific regions and points of presense for their network. We are continuing to evaluate things but as of this update everything is fully operational.


CloudFlare has now published their post-mortem report: