New upcoming payment notices

As our service has been offering subscriptions for quite a while now we've come across a few instances where customers forget that they're signed up for a subscription with us or they didn't realise the payments for their subscription are taken automatically as opposed to being paid by the customer manually.

Thankfully these instances where we bill someone without their knowledge are rare and in each case we have always issued an immediate refund once the customer contacts us about the situation.

But to eliminate this problem we've decided to be proactive about it by offering upcoming payment notices. And so within the customer dashboard starting today you'll see a new email toggle (which replaces our never used promotions toggle) which allows you to activate email notices for upcoming payments.

By default all new customers will have this toggled on, if you're an existing customer you'll need to enable it yourself. Also if you're subscribed to a yearly plan we'll still send you a notice regardless of this setting because we feel it's important that customers who hold a yearly subscription get these notices due to those plans being very expensive.

We don't want anyone to forget a payment charge is coming but we know for monthly subscribers receiving two emails every month (a notice of an upcoming payment and the receipt for payment) could get annoying so we've added this email setting toggle for those users who are subscribed monthly. Of course we'll always still send you payment receipts regardless of this setting.

Below is an example of what the email looks like.

Image description

We think it conveys everything succinctly and most importantly lets you know that you can cancel your plan from the dashboard to avert the upcoming charge.

Thanks and we hope everyone had a great Halloween! 🎃