New unified changelog interface and other news

Today we've added a new changelog page to the website which allows you to quickly view the changelogs from any of our pages in a single unified interface. The main benefit to this is you no longer need to visit individual pages to read about changes and it's easier to read them in a full screen layout as illustrated below.

Image description

Like many of our features this has been on our roadmap for a while, we are very proud of our transparency when it comes to feature changes, additions and fixes. We believe strongly in documenting when things change especially when it comes to our pricing page, privacy policy, terms of service and GDPR compliance which are pages you don't traditionally expect to find changelogs.

We hope you'll enjoy the new page, it does look very colourful and it may even be interesting to read how some features like the Dashboard have evolved since 2018 when we first launched it and began logging the various upgrades and changes made to it over the years.

Looking past this new feature we did want to discuss some other things. Since June we have been performing a lot of backend changes to keep the service strong for the future. Mostly based around database throughput and synchronisation within our cluster of systems.

We've also been improving the sites security against client side attacks that could be leveraged against our customers, specifically XSS attacks. Forms, buttons and other basic functionality has been hardened to make it more difficult for potential attackers to hijack your login session with our dashboard through malicious links.

In addition to that we've for the first time implemented a Dashboard API request limit. Dependant on what you're accessing and how frequently you're accessing it you may be subjected to a 1 to 2 request per second limit for a brief time period.

Just to reiterate, this is for the Dashboard API where you manipulate your account settings programmably, view statistics and download logs. It does not apply to the proxycheck v2 API that you use to check addresses with which has its own per-second request limits published within our API documentation page.

We've added these Dashboard API request limits to help secure our infrastructure against the possibility of resource depletion attacks. We don't believe these introduced limits will impact any of our legitimate customers.

The final thing we wanted to discuss was inflation, the cost of living increases and the prices of energy. We like most businesses are subject to market forces and that does mean our costs are increasing, we're seeing significant price increases in server hosting due to European energy prices but we want to reassure all our customers, you need not worry as we do not raise prices on currently subscribed customers, period.

In addition to that we're not planning to increase the prices of our plans for new customers at this time, we're instead going to absorb the increase in operating costs so don't feel pressured to signup or upgrade your paid plan as no price increases will occur for the remainder of this year.

We should emphasise that traditionally we've performed pricing changes in January and that's still the case. And again any pricing changes would only apply to newly started plans or changes from one plan to another. Those already subscribed to a plan would not be subject to any price increases.

We know we've been quiet all throughout July without a blog post but rest assured we are working on things behind the scenes. We've been bringing on more data partners, increasing the robustness of our backend software and improving security.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!