Improving Account Security

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Last month we made a post where we told you about a new feature within the dashboard that rewards you with extra custom rules when you secure your account with a password and a two-factor authenticator.

Today we're bolstering your account security in two major ways to help combat account takeovers which have been steadily rising over the past year.

The first change is if you have a two-factor authenticator attached to your account then you're no longer able to create an account recovery code through our automated process here.

Instead when using the account recovery page you'll be sent an email where a support representative from will accept evidence of account ownership from you and the recovery request will be manually evaluated. This is to stop situations where someone compromises your email account and then has the ability to gain access to your proxycheck account through that chain of access.

The second change we've implemented is login security alerts. From now on when you login to the dashboard using an address we've not seen you use before we will send you an email detailing that login so you can quickly take action if it wasn't performed by you.

As we mentioned at the start of this post account takeovers are on the rise. As our service becomes more popular so do the attempts on your accounts. We've seen a large increase in credential stuffing and so it's very important that you secure your accounts, we really cannot stress that enough.

Thanks for reading and we hope everyone is having a great week.