CIDR ranges added to the API and better 3rd party vendor support

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Today we've added a new feature to our API, CIDR ranges. This change allows you to see the ranges present when you check an IPv4 or IPv6 address on the API which has been an often-requested feature and one that provides greater insight into network route sizes and helps in potentially blocking undesirable peers from accessing your services.

If you've used our custom list feature you may have seen the sample text we populate these lists with which contains entries such as: #My Home VPN Providers IP Range

2001:4860:4860::ffff/64 #My Work VPN Providers IP Range

These are CIDR ranges which help to specify a range of addresses within a group. For example, the first range above has /24 at the end which means there are 256 addresses in this range between and

By having these ranges displayed in our API results and threat pages it will help users to quickly add a specific range of addresses to a custom list. This can be useful if you want to stop a specific user who keeps changing IP address within their internet service provider's supplied DHCP range from accessing your services.

We think this change will be well received and it is live as of today through a new API version dated January 22nd 2024. If you're already set to use the latest version of the API (which is the default in our customer dashboard) you will have this feature available in your API results as of this post.

In addition to this news, we've also made a change to the emails that you receive when your plan is nearing expiration. Before today we would send you an email which explained you could visit the dashboard on our website to start a new plan if desired.

As of last week these emails are now vendor-aware so if you've purchased a paid plan through a 3rd-party vendor you will now be recommended to revisit that vendor to renew your plan with an appropriate link being provided. These vendors sometimes offer discounted or bundled pricing so it's a good deal to renew through them and the plans bought through 3rd-party vendors in this way help to fund more end-user software that integrates our API for the benefit of all customers.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!