Inference Improvements

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Today is our first big code update of 2019 and we'd like to share with you some of the details. Over the past month we've been focusing on improving our inference engine and specifically our ability to leverage the data you send us in our engines determinations.

Each day we are sent millions of IP Addresses to check by our customers and we don't only supply you with information about the addresses, we also feed them into our inference engine in an attempt to see patterns that can identify more proxies.

For example when we see an IP Address quickly making hundreds of connections across multiple customers properties that in itself can be a red flag. And thanks to the tag system we also have a lot of insight about what pages specifically on your properties the IP Address is attempting to access.

We've taught our inference engine to understand many different kinds of customer usage so that it can identify when an IP is acting benign such as accessing a static webpage or a blog post and when it's acting malicious like making automated login and registration attempts, spamming blogs and forums or brute forcing an input field etc.

With todays update we've improved this system so that it works much better with our customers who are using our API on their game servers and at server firewalls. We've also greatly improved its understanding of different webpages so that it can identify if a page is at a high risk for automated behaviour by bots (which commonly use proxies to remain anonymous while they carry out attacks).

This update went live today because we felt the improvement in detection rate was so good that we didn't want to wait until late February when we were planning to include this in a more comprehensive update. Instead we've pushed out this change today so that you can all benefit from it now.

That's it for this update, we hope everyone is having a great first start to the year!