Updated Threats Page

When we added the Threats page in late August it was always our intention to create a home view where you could see live emerging threats. But we didn't quite know how we wanted it to look and what information we wanted to make available as we didn't want to give bad actors easy access to unique proxy data with which to launch malicious acts.

So we spent some time on it and decided that providing a map showing which countries the most attacks are coming from and a heavily shrunk down list of recent detections would be the best way to accomplish our goal. We'll keep working on adding more data as we feel it's appropriate but for now this is our starting point for our new threats home view.

Image description

If you've used the customer dashboard before then this view will be quite familiar to you. We've kept it simple, the map will show around 5,000 recent attacks by country with the addresses behind the attacks not displayed. Then below we will showcase 10 recent addresses that we've detected performing attacks and that also have active proxy servers running.

We hope you like the new home view, this is in addition to our specific address pages which will continue to be accessible. We've actually updated those pages with new city and specific location data which was also exposed through our v2 API update a few days ago.

Thanks for reading and we hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!