PHP composer library updated

Today we have updated our PHP composer library which adds support for viewing and altering your whitelist and blacklists in an easy way. Below is an example of how you would add three entries to your whitelist:

$proxycheck_options = array(
  'API_KEY' => '', // Your API Key.
  'TLS_SECURITY' => 0, // Enable or disable transport security (TLS).
  'LIST_SELECTION' => 'whitelist', // Specify the list you're accessing: whitelist or blacklist
  'LIST_ACTION' => 'add', // Specify an action: list, add, remove, set or clear.
  'LIST_ENTRIES' => array('', '', 'AS888') // Addresses, Ranges or ASN's to be added, removed or set

$result_array = \proxycheck\proxycheck::listing($proxycheck_options);

We have also made some changes to the whitelist/blacklist API to better support adding and removing multiple entries at once. We found that removing multiple entries at once was almost impossible before due to the way in which the search criteria was implemented, now it's much better and you should be able to remove lots of entries in a single query without any issues.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!