Introducing a new way to pay

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Today we're introducing a highly requested way to pay for a yearly plan, cryptocurrency. And we're not just accepting a single type of coin but over fifty of the most popular crypto coins available. Below are just twelve of the most common ones we support.

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You may be asking why are we now (finally!) offering this way to pay. Put simply we've spent a lot of time thinking it through. Accepting cryptocurrency isn't as straightforward as the other payment options available and we wanted to take our time so we fully understood the nuances of receiving and holding cryptocurrency.

We know it has taken us a while to get here but we think all the people who wrote to us over the past several years about accepting cryptocurrency will be happy with the way we've decided to move forward with it.

And that is because we're not just accepting one popular coin, we didn't want to pay lip service to the idea of accepting crypto. And so we're supporting a large selection of different coins. The ones we noted above are just the most significant coins by market cap and so represent the most common coins people are holding but we will be supporting a vast variety of coins outside of these, simply ask us if the coin you want to use is accepted.

And like with our Bank Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal payment options you're afforded the same level of service when paying with cryptocurrency which means you can upgrade or downgrade your plan mid-way through a plans lifecycle and you're entitled to the same 30-day full refund policy.

If you would like to pay via cryptocurrency please check the Paid Options tab of your dashboard here, where you can find all the details, we will usually fulfil plans purchased via PayPal or Crypto within an hour during business hours.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!