Incentivising Security and updated Terms of Service

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Here at we take account security very seriously which is why we only allow you to login to your account using your email address once you have protected your account with a password and why we offer strong two-factor authentication. It's also why we always email you when any big changes are done to your account such as changing your email address, password or API Key.

We do all this because we know that when you implement our service into your own if someone were to gain access to your proxycheck account they could wreak havoc with your services availability.

And yet when we look at the percentage of customers who have protected their accounts with a password we were surprised to see that only 35.09% have chosen to do so. With that being just over one third we think we can do better and so today we've launched a new feature to the customer dashboard which gives you an extra custom rule for securing your account with a password and another custom rule on top of that if you've gone the extra mile to attach a two-factor authenticator to your account.

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For those of you on our free plans this means you'll go from 3 rules to 5 which is quite an increase for free! - These extra custom rules are accessible to all customers including those who already have custom rule plans, they'll simply be added on top of what you already enjoy.

The second thing we wanted to discuss is our Terms of Service. They have been updated and none of the terms have actually changed but we've expanded on the terms with detailed descriptions which brings the page more in line with the look of our privacy policy and GDPR compliance pages including our change log feature so you can stay informed about changes to the page.