Dashboard Interface Improvements

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This month you may have noticed some color changes to the website, specifically the top navigation bar and the sub-navigation bars on our pages that featured them have had an overhaul with better gradients that remove the middle grey hues that appear when traversing the RGB color space in a direct line between two opposing colors.

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We've also enhanced the readability of text on those navigation bars by adding a subtle drop shadow, its a simple change but one that was sorely needed. We've also added tooltips to buttons that only used icons to make the dashboard more accessible to new users who are learning how it works for the first time.

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Probably the biggest functionality change though has been the addition of automatic data refreshing for our logs on both the threats homepage and more importantly within the stats tab of the customer dashboard.

The way we added this feature to the dashboard has been in a very user-centric way because we know not everyone will want the log to automatically update as they're looking at it and so there is a pause button which remembers your choice so you won't need to pause it again on your next visit to the page.

We also automatically pause the log refreshing if you expand any of the data shown and then unpause it when you change pages or collapse all of your detailed views. And of course both of these auto-unpause methods will respect your chosen play/pause preference.

We've had a lot of customers requesting this automatic data refreshing feature over the past several years and while it has taken some time for us to get around to it we're very satisfied with the implementation.

In addition to these visual and usability changes we've also been enhancing the API, just today we launched SOCKS4A and SOCKS5H proxy types in all version of our API. Although we always detected these types internally we've never exposed them in the API until now. We did have requests from security researchers for more detailed categorisation and this is us fulfilling those requests.

That's it for now we hope everyone is having a great week so far and thank you for reading.