Custom Rule Limit Increases

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Today we've increased the active custom rule limits for all paid accounts and we would like to tell you why we did this and how it affects you. Firstly the new rule limits apply to all accounts. You don't need to start a new subscription or make any additional payments to access the higher limits, it's a free upgrade on us.

There are a few reasons we did this, firstly we've seen an uptick in rule use since we added the custom rule library in January and in-fact we're now seeing more rules being saved to accounts each week than we did in the first 6 months of launching the custom rule feature.

Secondly as custom rules have seen increased usage we've also had a lot more requests for custom rule quantities that go above our plan limits which we do offer but haven't really advertised outside of our blog posts due to the increase in employee time to fulfil those requests.

Thirdly our custom rules started at 6 rules for paid accounts and increased by 3 rules for each larger plan size. This incrementing didn't scale well with our queries per day as it didn't make sense that you could be on a 10,000 per day query plan and have 6 rules but those on our 10.24 million per day plan would have only 39 rules.

So we could have solved the first and second reasons by adding a separate subscription or a paid upsell in the Dashboard. But we felt this would only serve to complicate our product offering. We've always wanted our subscriptions to be easy to understand and as frictionless as possible which is why we only have a single subscription for each plan size and we make it very easy to monitor and cancel your subscription from within the Dashboard.

To solve the third reason we've introduced slightly different scaling. Instead of each plan having 3 more rules than the previous it will now scale by iterating 3 for starter plans, 5 for pro plans, 10 for business plans and 15 for enterprise plans. And in addition to this we've moved down where the limits begin which is now 9 on our first starter plan instead of 6.

This means our first Pro plan now starts at 20 rules instead of 15. Our first Business plan now starts at 40 rules instead of 24 and our first enterprise plan now starts at 75 rules instead of 33. And for our largest customers on our biggest Enterprise plan that now boasts a 105 active rule limit.

As previously you can still create as many rules as you want and the limit only becomes active when you try to activate more than your rule allowance. This brings flexibility for you to save rules for historical purposes or create seldom used rules and keep them around for later. In addition to this we're still offering our extra rules for securing your account with a password and a two-factor authenticator so you can take all of these rule amounts and increase them by two if you've done that.

One last thing to discuss is those of you who have already paid us for a custom rule plan which increased your limits outside of your plan type. If the volume of custom rules you have is still higher than your plan then the subscription will remain but we would have already discounted the price to reflect how many extra rules you're receiving above your normal plan size.

If your plan is now equal to or surpasses your custom rule plan we will have already adjusted your subscription to remove the added cost you were paying for these extra rules and will have refunded your most recent payment for the custom rules you purchased.

So that's everything for today we hope you'll make great use of the extra custom rules, we've been hard at work adding more rules to the library as users have requested interesting and useful rules so don't forget to check those out within the dashboard.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.