Automatic Account Deleting

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For as long as there has been data to keep there has been data kept for far longer than necessary. This is no less true than when it comes to technology companies. In-fact today tech companies hold so much information about people they may know you better than you know yourself.

And while we're not a large tech company holding lots of private information we do hold some information generated by our customers. Things like your usage of our service and where you're deploying it, the email address you signed up with and some limited payment information if you purchased a subscription.

These are things that we only really need while you actually use our service which is why we recently introduced a self-deletion feature which enables you to both close your account and erase all the associated data we held about you.

Today we're taking this a step further by automatically removing unused accounts. After 30 days from the creation of your account if you've not used it at all (meaning you never logged into the dashboard or made a single query to the API using your API Key) we will schedule your account for deletion and notify you via email.

When scheduled you'll have 15 days to cancel it but these deletions noted above are for completely unused accounts so there shouldn't be much need to reverse the scheduled deletion as you can still signup again when you do need the service.

In addition to this we will be removing inactive accounts after 1 year from their last moment of activity. So if you've logged into the dashboard or made a single API request even once we consider that activity which would push back any scheduled deletion by a year. Similarly to the unused account deletions when scheduled you'll be notified via email and have 15 days to cancel the deletion.

We're making these changes because we think user privacy and the control of your data has been headed in the wrong direction across the tech industry and we want to do our part to nudge the line in the right direction. It's your data and you should always be in control of it and we should turn back time and make it as if you've never used our service when it's clear you haven't needed it in a while.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.