Welcome Cronus & Metis

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We're sure if you've been following our blog this year you would be surprised to see another new node announcement quite this soon let alone two. But it's true, we're adding two new nodes today called Cronus & Metis and these are quite special because they're the first nodes we're activating outside of Europe.

This year has seen us increase our capacity quite a lot to meet the growing demands of our customers and while we were intending to add new servers early next year we've pushed up our timetable because we're seeing increased request volumes from outside Europe.

Specifically 1/4th to 1/3rd of our traffic (depending on the time of day) now originates from America and Canada. Having these requests traverse the Atlantic Ocean to our servers in Europe has meant our north American customers are facing higher than acceptable latency and so today we've added two new server nodes in Canada just on the border with the United States.

Cronus was the greek god of time and so it's aptly named as its only job will be to serve the North American market with an aim to reduce their access latency to our API and Metis is the personification of prudence or in other more common language, cautiousness. And we're being cautious with our North American rollout by adding two servers for load balancing.

In addition to the new nodes we've spruced up the status page a bit breaking out where our server nodes are available. At current that is Western Europe, Eastern Europe and now North America. It is our intention to add servers in the Oceania and Asia regions to serve those areas in the same way and we will likely add such server nodes next year.

Like all our other servers these new ones are part of our unified cluster architecture and so while all North American traffic will go to Cronus & Metis it will seamlessly failover to our European servers if there are any problems. Your data is synchronised between all nodes and protected from downtime without you needing to do anything.

So that's what we have for you today and we hope you enjoy this one last present before Christmas.

Happy holidays everyone!